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I Have A Little Secret

Talking to children about body safety is not always an easy conversation to have, but one that is necessary in the world we live in to protect our children from sexual harm. I Have a Little Secret can be used as a tool to ignite those uncomfortable conversations with children about body boundaries, personal safety, and establishing a safety network that they can turn to for help. The book aims to empower children, through protective education and communication, to find their voice, and reassure them that body secrets should never be kept secret.
* Callaborations with Child Protection Groups. * This book is an indispensable tool that will facilitate conversations with your children or students about body safety and boundaries. * Beautifully illustrated and meticulously worded, with advice from official child social services resources, to empower children and explain to them that disclosing troubling experiences to a trusted adult is a vital part of staying safe. * Resources at the back of the book for parents and educators, including steps regarding “what to do if a child discloses abuse”
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