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A Little Bush Fairy


A Little Bush Fairy is the story of how one little fairy came to be more special than any other. Of course she had, like all fairies do: wings, gown, slippers, wand and crown, but this little bush fairy became like no other thanks to a Christmas Spirit and nature’s gifts. She is special, too, because she can only be found in one place in the world: a land ‘down under’. And as a little bush fairy she also changed the lives of five bush creatures with their most unusual, but happiest ever, Christmas!

Maggie May Gordon was born and raised in Sydney. She commenced writing when she married and moved to a property on the western plains of NSW which she found very conducive to writing about the characters, flora and fauna of the Australian bush. An award-winning poet, her verses have been widely published and used in eisteddfod and radio presentations. Her lyrics have been performed on stage and television. Maggie is the original author and lyricist of Eureka! the Musical (Her Majesty’s, Melbourne 2004) which was nominated for Best Musical in the Robert Helpmann Awards for Australian Theatre 2005. Eric always loved to draw. A self-taught artist with no formal training, he enjoys experimenting with different media. During his formative years, Eric’s heroes were people such as Walt Disney, Ralph Steadman, Heath Robinson, Hergé and M.C. Escher. Artistic talent runs in the family; his grandfather worked with pastels and charcoal, and his mother used watercolour. Quoting Eric ‘I take inspiration from life and how I would like life to be. Learning new methods and evolving my work is an ever-present companion. To visualise an image through a child’s eyes – colour and surprise detail is very important to their concept of the story.’

* A magical Christmas tale, full of joy, with an Aussie slant. * Perfect for fans of fairies and animals. * Reminds us that nature is very giving, and that there is always a creative solution to your problems.

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