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Tales from Brook Meadow: The Tale of the Fallen Eggs

The Tale of the Fallen Eggs
Brook Meadow is an English wilderness teeming with life. Barry the Blue Tit starts the day in a panic, having watched helplessly as a gust of wind blew his eggs out of his nest. He wakes up his friends, Wilson and Felicity – the water voles, and asks for their help. They, in turn, enlist the help of twins Jeremy and Vincent – two young field mice. Jeremy and Vincent are very young and can be mischievous, but they have very good intentions and are eager to help. Under the guidance of the wise fox, Victor, Wilson, Felicity, Jeremy and Vincent work together to find the eggs. The twins help by running up Barry’s tree, passing each egg between them until they can get them all back in the nest. Disaster strikes when Felicity, carrying the last egg in her mouth, sneezes. The egg shoots out of her mouth and into the air, but is rescued before it hits the ground by Wilson’s friend, Kye the kingfisher, who had been watching in the distance. Barry is relieved to see all of his eggs returned safely to the nest and everyone goes home, pleased with their rescue.
Yanchep, WA. Kevin grew up in and around the countryside of southern England. He spent much of his childhood outdoors with his father: fishing, camping, walking, bird watching and generally learning about respecting Mother Nature. Leaving school took him away from the outdoors as he started his career in construction. Some years later that ember inside his heart started to glow once more. He continued his journey into the wilderness attending courses in the UK and overseas. It was while watching the wildlife and teaching his own children next to the river Ems in Brook Meadow in the 1990s that the book series Tales from Brook Meadow was born. Today he combines his passion of the wilderness in his work and his books He believes that teachiing children to understand and respect animals and the environment at an early age will create a firm foundation for their journey into adulthood. Since the age of seven, Caroline spent her Saturday mornings sketching with her mum at the dining room table. A portrait artist herself, she taught Caroline blending and shading and introduced her to a variety of mediums and techniques that were well beyond her years. Caroline has been drawing ever since but only decided to make it into her career later on in life, when she had her first child. She started a company teaching arts and crafts to children and would still continue to paint portraits on the side for a small number of clients. Over the last 11 years, Caroline has sculpted as a Lifecaster and taught herself the art of resin, but most importantly, she has honed her skills and settled primarily on watercolour as her preferred medium - its whimsical effect is a perfect fit to her delicate style of painting. These days she predominantly paints portraits, mostly pets and wildlife, which allows her to raise funds for animal rescue charities. When she's not painting, you'll find Caroline walking her beloved greyhounds on the beach or body boarding with her sons. You can find her portfolio on Instagram and Facebook @perthlifecasting, or her website
* Tales from Brook Meadow is a series of fairy tales with truthful facts. * Each book has a different meaning and life lesson that will help young children through their early years. * Beautifully illustrated in watercolour by a local illustrator.

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