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How can men unleash the peace within? How can we turn our trials and triumphs into opportunities for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth? We unleash our compassion, love and power by seeing our trials and triumphs as the curriculum for spiritual awakening. Peaceman's focus is that while we are in male bodies and have male inclinations and tendencies, we are more than our masculine packaging and thinking. Peaceman floats the idea that we are in essence divine, and by living our masculinity impeccably, we will return to peace. We will live lives in harmony with all beings, male and female, animate and inanimate. Peaceman is written in a concise and descriptive manner to assist the male mind and its desire for logic and balance. The book aims to support men of all levels of spiritual experience. Men who are just starting out on their spiritual path will be comforted and guided. Men further along can see the larger objective and men well along on can deepen and refine themselves and their spiritual practices. Peaceman has a mix of western and eastern terminology which introduces the reader to spiritual concepts in a gentle and positive manner. Dotted through the book are pictures, charts and diagrams designed to enrich and enhance the ideas the author is presenting. Peaceman is practical and insightful guide for the person searching for themselves and their divine nature. Peaceman is also chock-full of practices to elevate and liberate the reader. Clear and precise directions are available so the practices are within reach for the gamut of readers. At a time when women's spirituality is blooming, Peaceman bridges the gap between the genders and points to what lies beyond individual differences.
Toronto, NSW. Hanuman Das is a dedicated student and practitioner of sprirituality and religion. In his early 20s he began to ask if there was something more, and this question led him on a search that continues to this day. He dlights in all spiritual traditions and sees the truths that are threaded through them all. Hanuman Das teaches meditaiton, self-inquiry and yoga with a focus on integrating spiritual life with our daily life. He has been published in magazines and on websites, and interviewed on local and national radio stations. He conducts workshops and retreats and has lectured on consciousness and spiritual living at yoga and spirit-based festivals across Australia. Hanuman Das is a gifted and entertaining speaker whose parables make learning clear and easy to assimilate into our lives. A qualified kinesiolgist and massage therapist who practices in Toronto, New South Wales, Hanuman Das counsels and encourages people to look inwards for the answers to health, happiness and inner harmony. Hanuman Das is a devotee of Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaji), an Indian saint who left his body in 1973. He was led to Maharaji by his teacher, Ram Dass, whose practical and truthful sharing of his experiences has and still does inspire him. Hanuman Das previously worked in sales and key accounts development. He completed the Australian Ironman triathlon and played first grade cricket for six seasons. He is a dedicated father and husband. He endeavours to live a yogic life focused on awakening. You can find him on his website

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