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The Lonely Pony

The Lonely Pony is the story of a horse named Scout that didn’t grow tall enough to be included in big competitions that he was bred for. He lives in a paddock at Amberfield Park as a companion for the horses that come and go for training. He doesn’t allow himself to get close with these visitors as he has learnt that if they have become friends, he misses their company even more when they leave. Imagine not having any friends! Scout yearns to have someone to call his own to love and to love him back. His days are the same with no hope of change until Lena starts working on the property as a stable hand after school. Lena, recovering from a bad riding accident, is regaining her confidence by working at the stables in exchange for riding lessons. After meeting Scout, she recognises a kindred spirit and they begin training together, overcoming obstacles and forming a trusting bond. As Scout’s schooling progresses his world opens up. His adventures include a bush trail ride, a trip to the beach and his first competition. But something is still missing. Could there be a brighter future for him after all? Dare he hope that his greatest wish is granted – having friends and a loving family of his own?
Barbara Sloan has worked as a cattle station bookkeeper, travel agent, beauty therapist, mine site secretary, drilling rig field assistant, mail order clerk, and teaching artist. She has always had a love of horses and painting and before she started writing could be found in one of two places, the stables or her art studio, BrushWize. Barb lives in the picturesque wine growing region of the Swan Valley in the outskirts of Perth, Western Australia, where she often guilty gazes out her studio window at the horses contentedly grazing in the surrounding paddocks instead of focusing on her next book or painting project. A rider of many years’ experience, Barb competes primarily in the disciplines of Working Equitation and Western Dressage and enjoys bush rides with her horse Genevieve just for fun. With paint in her blood and horses in her DNA what better qualifications to write and illustrate her first book, The Lonely Pony.
* Written from the pony’s point of view. * Training tips for horse and rider safety woven into the chapters. * Story line promotes kindness and empathy towards animals.

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