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Rapunzel's Mother


Rapunzel’s Mother is the second book in the Rapunzel’s Sister Series, tying together the original Rapunzel story and also as a prequel to Rapunzel’s Sister. The story begins in Magnolia Kingdom, where King William and Queen Anastacia are expecting the birth of Princess Eleanor (Rapunzel and Miri’s mother). However, during the birth, Queen Anastacia passes away leaving behind a heartbroken King William. He finds comfort riding off into the Forest of Dern. One day in the forest, he is spied upon by Sylvia, of Raven Castle. She lives in the forest with her mother Regina. They possess a magical family heirloom, a bracelet, which Sylvia uses to influence William. Eventually, William proposes to Sylvia, and they marry. In the current time, we see that Princess Eleanor now has two younger step sisters, Laura and Isabel. The sisters, Sylvia and William are a happy family together. The sisters are involved with activities such as singing, tapestry and horse riding. Laura openly admires their singing teacher Theo, and at the same time Eleanor also begins to have secret feelings for him too. One day, the three sisters are out having a horse-riding lesson, when Eleanor’s saddle slips and causes her horse to bolt. Eleanor falls off her horse and is knocked unconscious. She is cared for by the maid and her family frequently visit. While she is unconscious, Theo tries to deliver a letter to her but he is deterred by her constant visitors. Eventually, he asks Laura to deliver the letter to Eleanor. Laura secretly reads the letter and realizes Theo must have feelings for Eleanor, as he had written a song for Eleanor. Laura is most distressed but Isabel convinces Laura to return the letter to Eleanor’s room. They then find that Eleanor has woken and Laura gives her the letter in person. Soon after, Laura has a singing lesson with Theo so she makes a huge effort with her appearance before going to the lesson. Theo looks at her in confusion instead. Laura sings badly, trips and lands awkwardly. Later, Isabel is consoling Laura again. Isabel then thinks of stealing Theo’s letter and destroying it. Once Eleanor had fully recovered, King William arranges for the royal family from Kingdom of Silvanna to visit Magnolia Kingdom. He hopes to arrange a marriage between Eleanor and Prince Stuart. However, the dinner is cancelled as King Arthur from Silvanna accuses Queen Sylvia of being a murderer. William dismisses the crowds, his daughters and the family from Silvanna before confronting Sylvia. She stresses she did not know anything about the deaths, and stretches her arm with the magic bracelet towards William. His life force becomes accidentally absorbed into the bracelet and the King dies. Sylvia talks to Laura and Isabel in panic before fleeing back to Raven Castle. The Council is in disarray and tries to convince Eleanor to either let the council rule the kingdom or have Eleanor marry a prince from another kingdom to strengthen their position. Eleanor says she will either rule by herself or choose a husband herself. That evening, Eleanor is taking a walk in the castle grounds when she sees Theo. Eventually, they realise their feelings for one another and they agree to marry. Laura is most distressed and betrayed by Eleanor’s decision to marry Theo, especially as Eleanor could not bring herself to tell Laura before announcing their engagement to the court. Soon after, Laura and Isabel leave Magnolia kingdom secretly to warn their mother Sylvia that Magnolia soldiers are after her, to bring justice to King William’s death. Like a beacon, Laura and Isabel ride towards Raven Castle. There, Sylvia reveals there is magic in the family, that they are witches and they are taught to do spells with their ancestor’s spell book and the bracelet. The two sisters plot to avenge both Eleanor and Kingdom Magnolia. They decide to change their names and appearances so that they will not be recognised by people of their kingdom. Laura becomes Gothel and Isabel becomes Griselda. They practise turning soldiers into ravens by using the Magnolia soldiers who are creeping up near Raven Castle. On the eve of Eleanor and Theo’s wedding, the three witches cast a spell to make Eleanor crave the vegetable rapunzel when she falls pregnant, as part of their plan for revenge.

Belinda had always dreamed of publishing a book since she was a child, having sent numerous manuscripts to magazines and publishers throughout the years. Her book Rapunzels Sister, was based on a drawing created by her daughter Zoe. Together they wrote the story with Zoe illustrating a few of the characters so that her mum could describe them. Belinda is also keen artist and produced a short picture book, Cooking with Doggy. She loves reading, especially childrens books; her favourites include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and most of all, the Harry Potter series. Equally, music is a passion of hers. She grew up playing the piano and violin, but recently took up singing lessons. Angelo Rinaldi is a digital artist specialising in adventure, animals, book fantasy, historical and more. He has always loved to paint, and was forever competing with his brothers and cousin growing up. He wanted to be a fine art painter but after didn’t get on the degree course he wanted, Angelo decided to try graphic design. There was an illustration module on the course which he really enjoyed, and so it all began. Angelo works from home in a fairly dark room when creating digital media, hes a bit of a night owl. He loves spending time with his kids when hes not working, alongside cooking, movies, badminton and a bit of DIY and gardening.

* Exciting prequel to debut fantasy title Rapunzels Sister, with fairytale origins, perilous predicaments and magical adventures. * Front cover designer Angelo is a prolific jacket illustrator and has a popularist style that readers will recognise from other major titles and series. * Will appeal to children as the concept was co-created by one. Could inspire a new generation of writers.

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