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Reece’s bull calf was always causing mayhem on his parents’ farm, charging at him, eating Mum’s flowers … the list goes on! He was sad that it had to be sent away but a chance shows up for a different path to become a rodeo bull. Will Jailbreak successfully remain unridden?
Brent Langley is a country boy through and through. He grew up on the sand hills out on the back blocks of Boomanoomana in southern NSW. His dad farmed potatoes, and later lucerne and oaten hay, and now Brent himself is a dairy farmer. Brent has vivid memories of baling hay all night on a Friday, then jumping in the ute on Saturday morning to drive to a B&S ball. And if it wasn’t a B&S ball, it would be a rodeo. Brent is passionate about rodeo. There is nothing better than watching an unridden bull making its debut, or watching as a champion rider is thrown for the first time. Brent’s passion has grown into something a little bigger, and he now has some of his own bucking bulls in the rodeo circuit. Bucking bulls are not usually associated with the dairy herd, and so Jailbreak tells the story of an unlikely hero – a dairy bull that, against all odds, enters the rodeo circuit. Jailbreak gives readers the hope that with positivity, vision and support, dreams do come true. Cath Chegwidden has had a gift for illustration all her life. This passion and gift initially led to training to become a professional secondary school art teacher at Newcastle University. Her teaching career grew to encompass the Creative and Performing Arts as well as Visual Art, and she was a Head Teacher in this field for twenty-five years. Due to illness she left teaching, and art became her sole focus. She honed her skills in exhibitions and commissioned works, particularly with murals for various medical facilities and institutions.
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