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Geographics: Animals.

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Explore the link between humans and the animal kingdom! From food chains to endangered species, a curious pack of fascinating facts and figures is now at your fingertips. Discover why isolated islands shelter unique species, where the fastest creatures live and how deep ocean creatures can really go. What you learn might just stay with you for the rest of your life. The wide world awaits!

Susan Martineau is an author, editor and first-class fact finder who writes creative and educational books for children. Fascinated by strange and weird information, Susan’s books always shine a light into the most unusual corners of the world around us, sparking a passion for discovery and curiosity in her readers. With over 20 years’ experience in book publishing, including a stint in non-fiction books at the BBC, Susan now spends a good deal of her time lost on the internet or rummaging through libraries researching, unearthing and checking facts for her books. Susan has lived in various parts of the world from Holland and France to Malaysia and now London.

A biome to call home Ocean depths Animal lives Extreme survival Amazing migrations Super-fast animals Treasure islands Mini-worlds Whos eating whom? Helpful animals Save us! Animals words to know

* Inspire children to look outwards and be open to the world. * Introduce and contextualise basic geographical and scientific concepts. * Working on the planet feature shoes how people can make a difference. * Links to Australian science and geography syllabus. * Advertising on Australian Geographic website and magazine.

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