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In 1820, after millennia spent speculating and searching, humans laid eyes on Antarctica for the very first time. Since then, our relationship with this enigmatic land of ice and has continually evolved, from one of industry during the sealing and whaling eras, to exploration as pioneers charted undiscovered coastlines and forged perilous paths towards the South Pole. Today, the human relationship with Antarctica is defined by scientific endeavour, international collaboration and luxury tourism. The bicentenary of the first human sighting of Antarctica is an opportunity to reflect on our Antarctic legacy as the latest scientific research reveals the startling impacts that climate change in Antarctica could have on a global scale. Discover this remarkable continent covered in ice, where days endure for months, highways are built by penguins and shimmering lights illuminate the night sky.
Nina is a professional adventure guide who has spent time in far northern Canada, the Himalayas, the Alps and deserts in America and Australia. Trained as an outdoor guide, Nina spent four years at University and completed a BA. She is passionate about the natural world and sharing her travels and experiences.
* Highly illustrated photographic celebration of Antarctica. * Six chapters survey exploration, management, Australian links to Antarctica , physical environment, wildlife and climate change. * Includes newly updated map of Antarctica by AG cartographer Will Pringle. * Advertising on Australian Geographic print and digital platforms.

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