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A World of Adventures


Come with Australian Geographic on a journey around the world to experience adventures of all kinds! In each location – from Africa to Antarctica, you will find adventures designed for thrill-seeking daredevils, from whitewater rafting down Tanzania’s Omo River to mountain-biking the Camino de la Muerte in Bolivia. For adventurers seeking cultural experiences, we’ll show you how to sail a faluka down the Nile River and send a letter from the Penguin Post Office in Antarctica. Animal-lovers will learn about volunteering with baby pandas in China and flying eagles on the Kazakhstan steppe. For travellers interested in history, we’ll explore Stonehenge and the captivating city of Stone Town in Zanzibar. We’ll take you on a tour of some of the most incredible wild sights in the world, from the depths of the Grand Canyon to the picturesque sunrise over Uluru. To stay energised on our journey, we’ll go on a delicious food tour - eating sausage sizzles in Australia and surströmming in Sweden. Most importantly, we’ll learn how to have amazing adventures like this in our own backyards!

James Gulliver Hancock is a well-travelled illustrator known for his intrictate and playful style. His obsession with drawing
everything in the world has seen him work on major projects around the globe. His work has appeared on everything from billboards, to TV commercials, ceramics, books and board games. Gulliver Hancock illustrated the first book in this series, A World of Environments, as well as numerous other books including All The Buildings in New York and All The Buildings in Sydney.

* Intricate, beautiful, and playful illustrations from renowned illustrator James Gulliver Hancock.
* An engaging platform for learning about different countries around the world.
* Challenges young readers to find adventures in their own backyards.
* Advertising on Australian Geographic print and digital platforms, PR campaign.

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