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A Snake In The Tree

Reading Tracks - Book 3

A group of children are playing in a tree. One child is still in the tree when he spots a brightly coloured snake sliding down the branches beside him. He calls out to his friends, who fetch an adult to help them to catch the snake. Book 3 in the Reading Tracks series.

Margaret James, M.Ed (TESOL), is the winner of several accolades including NT Australian of the Year finalist, QUT Faculty of Education outstanding alumni, Courier Mail 50 Brightest and Best. She was shaped by her multilingual rural childhood in Southern Africa where Indigenous languages surrounded her. This significantly influenced her choice of tertiary studies - among these were linguistics, languages, education, Teaching English as an Additional Language, choral conducting and voice. This background was to prove invaluable when, after a fulfilling and varied career in several countries, she moved into Indigenous Education in Australia. The paucity of engaging, early-reading material for EALD learners and her relationship with Elders of several Australian Nations, led her to develop several linguistically and culturally appropriate books and resources in English and several Aboriginal languages. Her first series is the innovative and highly successful Honey Ant® Readers. While visiting schools and communities in order to deliver Professional Development for the Honey Ant® Readers, Margaret became increasingly aware of the similar need for engaging, early-reading material for older learners as well. She worked closely with Elders, students and illustrators to develop linguistically and culturally appropriate learn-to-read story books for older readers, and books which could be enjoyed by non-Indigenous readers equally, while teaching them about the cultures and food gathering practices of Australian First Peoples. This included trips to the desert and the coast with Elders and children who shared their knowledge about tracking, hunting and fishing for food. Reading Tracks® - stories about hunting, tracking and fishing - is the result! Wendy Paterson is a secondary school teacher-librarian and illustrator. She has previously also enjoyed working as an archaeologist, a researcher, a History and Geography teacher, and clothing designer. She is inspired by bright colours, nature and the funny things children and animals say and do. Wendy says that illustrating for the Honey Ant® Readers and Reading Tracks® is an absolute pleasure as there are so many great colours and landscapes in Australia and the characters provide endless opportunities for a little bit of humour. Wendy loves going camping, exploring and hiking with her husband and two daughters.

Unique, progressive learn-to-read books developed with Indigenous Elders and community. Fills a gap in the young adult and adult Indigenous learn-to-read market. Instils pride and confidence in Indigenous readers, as they are the characters. A realistic story that Australians can identify with. For such a unique resource developed with many contributors the book is good value. FOR: Indigenous students learning to read in schools or adult education organisations e.g. prisons. Engaging because it is about their lives. WHY: Fun, colourful, humorous illustrations engage even the most reluctant readers. A unique book for Middle school and older learners. Brochures, website, speak at conferences, promotional material to stakeholders, media - radio, video, TV, newspaper. Social media. Flyers.

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