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Camping Guide to New South Wales 6/e

The bestselling guide to over 650 campsites
  • ISBN-13: 9781925868166
    Imprint: BOILING BILLY
  • Author: Craig Lewis and Cathy Savage
  • Price: AUD $39.99
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  • Local release date: 01/12/2039
  • Format: Paperback (235.00mm X 167.00mm) 420 pages Weight: 0g
  • Categories: Caravan & camp-site guides [WTHH1]Camping & woodcraft [WSZR]Travel & holiday guides [WTH]New South Wales [1MBFN]
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Experience the very best camping destinations in New South Wales with this full-colour, fully updated and detailed directory to over 600 campsites. With the Camping Guide to New South Wales, 6th Edition, you will find a comprehensive listing of more than 150 parks, forests and reserves where you can pitch your tent, roll out your swag or unhitch your van. This best-selling guide provides concise and accurate details to camping areas throughout the whole state, including some of Australia’s most celebrated bush and coastal areas such as the north and south coast, the Blue Mountains and the wide outback.

Craig Lewis and Cathy Savage both travel to write and write to travel. As full-time authors and photographers they have been continually wandering throughout Australia’s backblocks to photograph and gather material for upcoming titles. Most years will see them camping out for 100 or so nights, often bunking down in secluded bush campsites, far from the madding crowds. This is by far their favourite style of camping.

About the Authors

Regional Map of NSW

Camping in NSW

How to Use this Guide

Planning: Maps, Camping Fees and Permits; Fire Warnings and Restrictions; Treading Softly on Victoria; Outback and Remote Area Travel; What to Pack; Useful Resources and Contacts

Close to Sydney:  Regional Map; Campsite Listing

Hunter:  Regional Map; Campsite Listing

North Coast:  Regional Map; Campsite Listing

South Coast/Southern Highlands:  Regional Map; Campsite Listing

Far South Coast:  Regional Map; Campsite Listing

Australian Capital Territory:  Regional Map; Campsite Listing

Snowy High Country:  Regional Map; Campsite Listing

Central West:  Regional Map; Campsite Listing

New England:  Regional Map; Campsite Listing

North-West:  Regional Map; Campsite Listing

Murray/Riverina:  Regional Map; Campsite Listing

The Outback:  Regional Map; Campsite Listing

Touring Atlas

Parks, Forests, Reserves and Campsites Index

Campsite Index

  • Over 40,000 copies sold of the previous editions
  • One of the bestselling books in the Boiling Billy imprint
  • Covers a variety of bush camping grounds across the state
  • Includes colour maps and photos

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