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Child Protection

The essential guide for teachers and other professionals who work withchildren
  • ISBN-13: 9781925868319
  • Publisher: WOODSLANE PRESS
  • Author: Briggs, Prof. Freda
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  • Local release date: 04/08/2020
  • Format: Paperback (250.00mm X 176.00mm) 424 pages Weight: 620g
  • Categories: Community & outreach services [GLMX]Child abuse [JFFE1]Social welfare & social services [JKS]Advice on parenting [VFX]
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This exceptionally well-researched book’s intention is to reveal what is really happening in our society and to spur people into action to turn this shameful and complex problem around so that abuse stops and healing can begin. It should be a compulsory handbook for all whose work involves children, especially in the legal system, all human services, schools, pre-schools and foster care. It covers all aspects of child abuse and neglect and presents recent case studies of acts of abuse and the ways they have been dealt with in recent times. It is books such as this that ‘get the message out there so that something is done in this supposedly enlightened age.



Professor Freda Briggs AO, has already written nine books on Child Protection, a subject about which she is passionate. She has a long history of employment in child protection as a lecturer and researcher, former teacher, child protection police officer and social worker and, currently, as Emeritus Professor of Child Development at the University of South Australia. Professor Briggs received the Order of Australia (2005), the Inaugural Australian Humanitarian Award, the Centenary Medal, a Rotary International Award and numerous other awards and was Senior Australian of the Year (2000) for her pioneering work in protecting children.

1  An introduction to child protection

2  Politics involved in child protection

3  Child protection and the role of professionals

4  Emotional abuse and neglect

5  Children who live with family violence

6  The physical abuse of children

7  Neglected children

8  What you need to know about child sexual abuse

9  What you need to know about child sex offenders

10 Children who engage in inappropriate sexual behaviours

11 Protection programmes in schools

12 Homeless children and young people

13 Safe student exchanges

14 Abused children and the courts

  • In the latter part of her career Professor Briggs was Australia’s leading child protection educator
  • A must-have book for child protection professionals
  • Back in paperback for the first time in over 3 years
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