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Rough Diamonds

A Collection of Leadership Gems from the Vault
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Rough Diamonds is a selection of articles leadership guru Paul Mitchell has written over the last 15 years that have had the biggest impact on the leaders of Australian businesses and communities. Building on the advice in his first book, Your Leadership Diamond, and following the same 7-facet structure, this compilation is for busy leaders who often don’t have major chunks of time free for reading, and who aren’t too linear in nature. Even reading one chapter a day gives a great boost. Some chapters are short and sweet, some are much longer. Some outline specific actions or small tweaks, and some just leave you to reflect

Paul Mitchell has been inspiring leaders in all walks of life for over thirty-five years. His unique background has seen him become an authority and trusted colleague to some of Asia-Pacific’s most senior business and community leaders. Paul has degrees in Social Science and Psychology, plus a Diploma of Education. He is managing director and founder of the human enterprise, a founding member of The Interest Group in Coaching Psychology in Australia, as well as a certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach. He has two main areas of focus. One is inspiring leaders at every level of the organisation, irrespective of their position or title, to take full responsibility for their own lives and for total organisational results. The other is encouraging leaders to lead in all areas of their lives, not just business. These core beliefs have seen him deliver leadership coaching services, development programmes, facilitation, and keynotes in over fifteen countries with well over ten thousand leaders


Part 1: Leading Self

Handling feedback


Beyond goals setting


Your leadership shadow

4 key lessons on how to get unstuck

We make our habits, our habits make Us

The importance of reflection

Can Rod Stewart help find your strengths?

Don’t worry be happy

Are you an imposter?

Stop trying to prove yourself

What’s your vision of greatness?

From reasons to results

What’s holding you back

Part 2: Leading One on One

Sit down, shut up and collaborate

Exceptional leaders listen

Why do you insist on not delegating?                                                         

Part 3: Leading Teams

Lead or leave!

Inspiring collective commitment

Inspire your team to play a bigger game

The problem with your team could be you!

Teamwork: it’s enough to make you S.I.C.C.

Does your team need a wheel alignment?

Part 4: Leading Clients

The best way to serve clients

Customer centric collaboration

Part 5: Leading the Organisation

Do you want to grow? Really?

Leading in really tough times

Lessons on leadership from the north pole

A template for success

Leadership lessons from the Incas

Part 6: Leading family and friends

How your ‘family of origin’ impacts your power as a leader

The push bike plan

Who are you kidding?

Embracing the challenge of change

2, 4, 6, 8… who do you appreciate?

What keeps you going

Part 7: Leading Community

Stop working towards your retirement

Building Community



About the author

* The second book from Australian leadership guru Paul Mitchell, who has coached thousands of Australian business leaders.
* Passionately written and crammed with practical advice, follows the first 7-facet structure as his first book.
* Great value at just $24.99.
* “You are still the most referred business coach we have ever had in this business. The coach who made a tangible difference, left a legacy of improved performance and development of a new generation of leaders.” Jason Sargent, Managing Director, Red Bull Australia.
* “For over 10 years, I have seen Paul operate incredibly well with large groups, small groups and one-on-one. I have found his counsel and advice invaluable, and critically, he has helped me understand myself better as a leader and as a person. He has worked well with my teams to stretch their development, and work with larger audiences to help them understand culture and how to drive success in large organisations.” Daniel Fogarty, CEO, General Insurance, Zurich Financial Services Australia

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