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The Passion for Hot Rods

& Australian Custom Vehicles
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In this fully illustrated personal look at the culture of hot rods and customised vehicles in Australia, veteran author Joel Wakely has gathered together dozens of fascinating stories about many of these incredible cars – and other vehicles – and the passionate craftspeople, amateur and professional, who build them. Here he covers the full spectrum of modified vehicles, from the ‘looks like factory’ cars, that appear as if they’ve just come off the production line but hide impressive internal modifications, to the full-on, eye-popping hot rods that display their uniqueness with gusto. With contributions from dozens of hot rod and custom enthusiasts about their incredible cars, plus hundreds of photographs, many never before seen in print, this is a hot rod book like no other, a book from the heart that goes deep into the passion that these unique vehicles engender.

Joel Wakely has worked with and raced with cars almost his entire life, owning several significant and some very rare models. He knows cars like he knows the back of his hand, and he knows many other passionate car lovers like himself. In 1958 Joel started his first business venture: a new BP service station. It was here he got involved in a racing team, modifying Holden 48-215s for the track. After working for Bob Jane-T Mart for 7 years he started a 30-year career in the car rental industry with Avis Rent-a-Car Australia and later Dollar Rent-a-Car. After a short retirement, Joel’s passion for cars led him to start another new business: Avant-Garde Detailing, specialising in the restoration and detailing of prestige and unique vehicles. Passion for Hot Rods is his fifth book.

1. Culture
2. Resto Rod
3. Styling Hot Rods
4. Engineering Hot Rods
5. Elvis: King of Hot Rods
6. Drag-Ens-Rattletrap
7. Show and Shine
8. Looks like Factory
9. Power Play
10. Custom Cars
11. A Canvas on Wheels
12. The Quality of Excellence
13. The 1935 Chevy Corvette Coupe
14. Trucks
15. Bufori
16. WildCad Cadillac
17. A Need for Speed
18. Where Tradition meets Technology
19. Securing the Future

* Fourth Passion book from bestselling author Joel Wakely.
* Modifying vehicles is one of the most passionate fields of creative endeavour in Australia.
* Hundreds of thousands of Australians attend Show n Shine meets every year.
* Other books in the Passion series include: 9781925868074 The Passion for Holden, 9781921874994 The Passion for Muscle Cars and 9781925868098 The Passion for Utes.

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