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Abandoned Melbourne: Lockdown


Abandoned Melbourne presents a collection of photographs of the perennially awarded world’s most liveable city rendered empty, abandoned and in Covid lockdown during 2020. Abandoned Melbourne depicts Melbourne vacant, with the CBD’s places and spaces, customarily buzzing, rendered motionless and without life. Landscape photographer Gavin John, a long-term resident of Melbourne, turned his camera and his focus onto vistas of a different nature and reveals downtown Melbourne as it has never been witnessed before.

Gavin John is a self-trained photographer who, in this age of multimedia overload, finds himself compelled to return time and again to the purity and power of the single, still image. The diverse complexities that Earth’s landscapes and cities have to offer have provided Gavin with a wealth of inspiration. As well as revelling in the huge variety of sweeping landscapes, he delights in juxtaposing the epic with the intimate and playing with perceptions of scale, isolating specific features, and concentrating on colours, geometry, and textures to create abstract works of art. Gavin releases a calendar of landscape photography annually and his work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions and has been published in print and online. His fine art photography adorns the walls of many corporate offices. His most recent installation is a 17-minute movie of his landscape photography shown on the big screen in Melbourne’s Federation Square.

* Vividly photographed book on Melbourne’s empty streetscapes during the 2020 Covid lockdown.
* An important historical publication that will appeal to anyone who experienced the 2020 Melbourne lockdown.

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