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Cultural Insanity

And the roadmap to great organisational change

Are you working in a great organisational culture? Is your culture program achieving the results you were hoping for? Are you working with an inspired, highly motivated team who are all pulling in the same direction? If not, you might be guilty of cultural insanity without realising it. Have you:
* initiated a “culture change” program because something was wrong, instead of including culture as part of your ongoing strategy?
* talked in vague terms about “improving” your workplace culture without identifying the culture needed to achieve your purpose?
* imposed a “culture change program” on your people without involving them in the decisions?
spent days analysing the data from a “culture survey”, only to end up more confused than when you started?

These mistakes are common, and almost guarantee a mediocre culture. Author Ross Judd has the solution to this insanity. You can achieve a great culture by Aligning it with the purpose of your organisation, and then Defining the culture you need to achieve that purpose. It’s part of the A.D.A.P.T. process that will engage your people in creating a culture that inspires the sort of motivation, commitment, and drive you have always craved, and that will lead to powerful business outcomes. Everything you need to know is in this book. A.D.A.P.T. and you can create a great culture.

Since completing his Masters in Communication Management over 30 years ago Ross has worked with groups from mining, manufacturing, construction, finance, banking, accounting, retail, wholesale, government departments, corrections, and even sporting organisations to create new, exciting, productive, and effective organisational cultures. He’s learned from the debilitating mistakes inherent in the usual “culture change” programs, and has built the A.D.A.P.T. model to highlight how simple and effective the process should be. Ross is more passionate than ever about helping you create a great organisational culture that will deliver amazing results.

* There is a gap in the market for books on Organisational Culture with only a few being written and even less being distributed through book stores.
* Most authors explore culture by taking a “change management” approach and initiating “culture change programs.” The author of Cultural Insanity suggests this will lead to average and mediocre results.
* This book instead focuses on creating a great culture, a culture that every employee will be passionate about. To achieve this the author has taken a proactive and strategic approach by exploring how to engage employees in the company purpose and creating a culture that will achieve that purpose. 
* Ross Judd has already received the following coverage for ‘Cultural Insanity’: Ticker TV, Dynamic business commentary, 3 times, B&T article, CEO world magazine article, HR Director US, AU, CA, Asia and NZ interview, First 5000 article, Australian Leadership article, Power Retail article, The CEO Institute also ran an article. He has also had book reviews and mentions in HR Daily, Women’s Network magazine and Public Service News.
* Ross has lined up more publicity to coincide with the bookshop release in April, including: Magazines: Articles, extracts and book reviews with Training & Development, Governance Directions, Managers & Leaders, SPARK, INTHEBLACK & HRM
Newspapers: The Weekend Australian, Fairfax Business, Newsltd’s – CareerOne
Online: The Venture Magazine, The Australian, Authority Magazine, Commbank.
Radio & Podcasts: Team Guru, RPP FM – Taking Care of Business,The Luke & Susie show, The Growth Faculty, Synergen Leadership  Podcast & Radio National – This Working Life
TV & Video: The CEO Institute’s video seminar & Channel 9’s Today show (TBC). 

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