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500 Miles

Sometimes distance is only part of the journey

When Anna finally meets her perfect man, he already has a girlfriend, lives in another state, and is about to face court for putting someone’s life in jeopardy. Anna Marcus is successful in the world of computers, but not as accomplished when it comes to lasting relationships. Which would be fine … if she wasn’t also completely and madly in love with the idea of being in love and being loved in return. Anna’s growing fear in life is that the love she imagines doesn’t exist at all. That she is waiting for something that isn’t even real. When she meets Justin — smart and caring, with an unforgettable smile — he is a perfect candidate for her fairy-tale life, and it makes Anna start to wonder if there is hope after all. But if Anna’s trust in love isn’t a big enough obstacle, Justin’s girlfriend certainly is. That, and he lives in Sydney — 500 miles from Annas Melbourne life. When disaster strikes Annas family, she travels to Sydney to be with them. On the day she runs into Justin, she is bitter and rude. Having distorted his true character into yet another untrustworthy man, she convinces herself that the attraction she’d felt in Melbourne was uncalled for and returns to thinking that love is merely a fantasy. Yet, when truths are revealed about Justin, her family and even her friends, Anna begins questioning everything she thought she understood about the heart and about what she really wants in life. Anna is about to learn that not all journeys can be measured by distance. Its the bumps in the road which are the hardest to travel and overcoming them is the true journey. 500 Miles is a story about friendship, trust and forgiveness.

Deborah O’Ferry is an Australian writer based in the outskirts of Sydney. She embraced writing from a young age and began writing website articles in 2017. Her words have been published on various websites including Kidspot, Panache Bridal Shoes, The Green Elephant and Channel 9’s popular, The Block Shop. 500 Miles is her first novel.

* 500 Miles is the perfect escape companion. Whether hiding on the couch or on a sunny island, 500 Miles will make you forget your life and fall in love with chasing love. * 500 Miles uses likeable, and equally unlikeable, fresh Australian characters. * 500 Miles is a story about accepting what love is and trusting it. * A classic Rom-Com in a book. * Contemporary Australian womens fiction - aimed at 20-45 year-old women. * A relatable story for anyone searching for love. * Launch event. * Local library Author Talks - Camden and Campbelltown LGAs initially, but will be approaching other libraries after February. * Social Media campaign.

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