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Memoirs of a Psychic Medium

‘Mystical’ follows the journey of Ronda Robertson, a Psychic Medium who has experienced the mystical since encountering a miraculous event in her teens and going on to embrace that. This book details her experiences of developing and working as a Medium along with her experiences of being a Nurse, a Pastoral Practitioner, a Singer/Songwriter and a Mother. Ronda details her journey through heartbreak, betrayal, mistrust, arrogance and pain to finding that we are more than the physical, that we are all connected in ways that are fascinating and wondrous. Ronda recognised that the sensitivity of Mediumship and connecting people here in this world with those that they had lost was a kind of Ministry in itself, and having witnessed something that was metaphysically impossible she was touched by the divine and intent on trying to make sense of it. The book also includes three murder cases and the dreams Ronda had of them, including images of a scene where there is a clue to information regarding evidence of the perpetrator. Ronda also includes a look into some of her philosophy working as a Medium and a guide to how it is facilitated. Ronda gives an honest depiction of how she developed and what others may glean from that from a spiritual perspective in their own lives.

Ronda Robertson grew up in a funeral parlour in Wangaratta as a child and recognised that the time spent in this physical existence is precious and she was familiar with the idea of loss and grief from a young age. In her teenage years Ronda, her father and her sister had a mystical that was miraculous and after a time working in the music industry she felt drawn back to the spiritual and philosophical where she went on to develop and work in the field. Ronda was also a nurse for 13 years before an injury changed the course of my life. The injury forced me to re-invent myself and she decided to turn to pastoral care. Ronda has a post-graduate degree in Pastoral Care.

* Recounts a miraculous experience that was witnessed by myself my father and sister. * The author had visions of 3 murder cases. One of them she dreamt of a stain in a carpet that put the murderer behind bars. It wasn’t until 2 years after the dream they found the stain. * The book brings together the authors mixture of bringing in music, nursing and philosophy and being a Chaplain into her psychic experiences. * A book launch would be with a Platform Demonstration of Mediumship with a hypnotist and psychic.

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