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Fit Not Healthy

How one woman's obsession to be the best almost killed her

Vanessa Alford liked to run. But what started as a passion to be lean, fit and healthy quickly turned deadly as running and diet consumed her. It became an obsession that risked to take her fertility and even her life before she finally recognised the importance of being fit and healthy.  [New para] Fit Not Healthy is her memoir of conquering what so many women battle with, understanding how our bodies are unique and need to be cared for, not just for fitness but to survive. It’s a sincere and honest account of one woman’s health journey that is a cautionary and inspirational story for our times.

Vanessa Alford is a physiotherapist, nutritionist and clinical pilates instructor who lectures in sports medicine and has completed her Doc­torate of Philosophy in Indigenous Health. She is a former elite marathon runner, having come third at the 2005 Melbourne marathon and second in Bangkok in 2004. Despite being forced out of racing, these days she still enjoys running and is committed to maintaining a healthy life balance. Vanessa lives in Melbourne with her husband and three daughters.

* A brave and inspiring memoir of when a passion for personal fitness turns dangerous, a must-read for women and men in this ultra health-conscious era.
* A worthwhile read for those interested in long distance running and marathons.
* Discusses fitness and the impact of exercise and diet on infertility and female health.
* New edition (previously published 2015 by Finch Publishing) with new epiologue.

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