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War Games

A Father and Son Memoir of War and Sport
Getting paid to watch sport from the best seats in the house and to chew the fat with sportsmen every day of the week can’t be called a real job — can it? Ron Reed has spent more than 50 years as one of Australia’s leading sports journalists. He has a fascination for the games people play and the people who play them. In particular, the Olympic Games became a passion. After attending his first Olympics in person in 1984, Ron decided to attend the Games one last time, in Tokyo 2020, to fulfil what had become a consuming private and personal interest. He had planned to visit the memorial to the victims and survivors of the atomic bombing of the southern city of Nagasaki, the catalyst for ending the Second World War. His father, Private William Cecil Reed, was a prisoner of war in Nagasaki and survived that horrific event when tens of thousands of others did not. War Games was to bookend the experiences of father and son in the country that held an unlikely connection for them. Despite the postponed Tokyo Olympics, the book still combines the remarkable war-time experiences of a soldier in World War II with the memorable events, people and sports that have formed the fabric of Ron’s working life. These stories are part of the vast sporting history of a sports-mad nation and while they reach well back into the past that doesn’t mean they are no longer interesting — some are utterly unforgettable.
Ron Reed's 50-plus years in sports journalism include decades as a columnist and feature writer for Australia's biggest-selling daily newspaper, the Herald Sun, and one as Editor of the old Sporting Globe. His work has earned many awards and accolades, including Australian sportswriter of the year and a lifetime achievement award from Sport Australia, formerly the Australian Sports Commission. He has covered most of the world's major sports events in more than 30 countries, and is a tennis aficionado, having been a fixture at the Australian Open as well as many Davis Cup ties. He is the author of the only book ever written about the legendary Frank Sedgman, Game Sedge and Match, and Barty (2019).
* Ron Reed is one of Australia’s leading sports journalists: Sports Editor of The Herald, Editor of the Sporting Globe and sportswriter of the year and recipient of the Australian Sports Commission’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Few Australian sports journalists have the author’s depth and breadth of experience, which extends across virtually every major sport and more than 30 countries across every continent, as well as with many of sport’s most prominent personalities. Ron Reed was also the inaugural president of the Olympic Writers and Photographers Association. This experience makes War Games a must-read for those interested in the history of sports over the last 50 years and the sports journalism profession. * A touching personal tribute to a father’s untold wartime experiences that add to Australia’s military history. * Ideal read for sports and Olympics enthusiasts, in particular those with an interest of in the history of Australian sport and the Australian Olympic movement. With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics delayed and many missing the usual volume of sport available, War Games is a deep dive into sports and the Olympics from an Australian sports journalist’s perspective. * War Games offers previously unreported insights into what really happened behind the scenes of some memorable moments in Australian sports, and who the true heroes were, not all of them predictable. * Publicity planned with the Australian Olympic Committee. * Extracts and reviews planned with The Herald Sun, The Age,,, The Footy Almanac, with more to be added.
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