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The High Performance Mindset

At Work, Home and Life

The High Performance Mindset contains practical and easy-to-use strategies and has been written for people who want to learn how their mind operates at its best – and worst. Michael E. Bernard, Ph.D. is an international consultant to universities, organisations, educational authorities and governments and is the Founder of You Can Do It! Education, a program for promoting student social-emotional well-being and achievement that is being used in over 6,000 schools worldwide, with over one million participants.

In his new book he helps you become more proactive using the commitments of success, others and self. The book includes easy-to-complete surveys developed by Michael that have helped hundreds of thousands of people of all ages gain greater self-awareness of strengths and areas for growth.

Our mindset is the lens we use to perceive, interpret and evaluate our world. Learn how to excel at and enjoy more happiness in your work, home and life by unlocking the power of The High Performance Mindset.

Michael E. Bernard, Ph.D. is an international consultant to universities, organisations, educational authorities and governments. Since 2004, he has been a Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Graduate School of Education and is an Emeritus Professor, California State University, Long Beach. He is the Founder of You Can Do It! Education ( a program for promoting student social-emotional well-being and achievement that is being used in over 6,000 schools in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Singapore, England, Romania and North America.

* More than just another self help book. Reflections from an internationally acclaimed thought leader on high performance that moves beyond tips for positivity to revealing the very essence of what a high performance mindset is and its psychological architecture. 
*  Michael Bernard’s You Can Do It! Education program has had over 1,000,000 participants.
* Michael was the first sport psychologist for the Collingwood Football Club (AFL) and is the author of over 50 books in areas associated with wellbeing and achievement, peak performance, resilience and positive parenting.
* Practical ideas from different areas of research from the fields of psychology and education.
* Gain power, build resilience and courage, and take control of your life with the key commitments to success, others and self that are the foundations of the high performance mindset of people who are thriving and highly successful in many areas of their lives.

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