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Cancel Culture and the Left's Long March


Cancel culture and political correctness are destroying free speech and Western civilisation’s institutions and way of life – it’s time to fight back and return to sanity. A topical and informative anthology exploring the origins and impact of cancel culture and political correctness on Western societies – including schools, universities, political and legal systems, the church, family, the media and intermediary organisations such as trade unions and professional bodies. Especially as a result of the Black Lives Matter movement and the impact of political correctness not a week goes by without public controversy and debate. Destroying statues, re-writing history, re-naming Coon cheese, promoting gender fluidity in schools, opposing the establishment of the Ramsay Centre for the study of Western civilisation, attacking free speech and seeking to intimidate and silence those who don’t subscribe to Woke orthodoxy are recent examples of cancel culture and political correctness in action. To date the public debate has been dominated by the cultural-left. In way of response this anthology will detail the nature and origins of the culture wars, provide real-world examples and detail how prevalent and dangerous cultural-left ideology and cancel culture are. The anthology concludes by positively exploring the best way forward in order to foster reason and balance instead of politically correct ideology and group think.

Melbourne, Australia

* A unique anthology that explores the historical origins of cancel culture and its link to neo-Marxism; the nature and dangers inherent in cancel culture and political correctness; and how the culture wars are impacting various facets of our life today. * The first book of its kind in Australia bringing together an esteemed list of authors who are experts in their respective fields. * Provides a balanced and objective evaluation and analysis that will enable the reader to be more critically aware of the impact of cancel culture and the left’s long march. * Written for a broad, non-academic readership similar to those who read The Australian, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Spectator, and Quadrant, and those interested in current affairs and how society and our institutions are being overwhelmed by cancel culture and political correctness. * Coverage in mainstream media including TV and radio, as well as through the IPA, the CIS, Liberty Australia, the Mannkal Economic Foundation, Newsweekly, Quadrant and Spectator Australia. Promotion through contributors’ social media with supporting articles and coverage through their channels. * Coverage in mainstream media including TV and radio, Sky News, 2GB Radio and A Current Affair * Published articles with The Australian, Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, Spectator Australia, Catholic Weekly, Quadrant and Newsweekly. * Promotion through Page Research Centre networks and social media sites. * Connecting with Conservative think tanks like the IPA, the CIS, Liberty Australia and the Mannkal Economic Foundation. * Each contributor is an expert in their chosen field and will network to their connections in publicity, social media and organisational platforms to promote Cancel Culture. 
* 24/11 - The Kenny Report interview with Chris Kenny on ‘American Medical Association’ -
* 24/11 – Daily Telegraph – ‘Life is Precious’ 
* 22/11 – Published in Flat White The Australian Spectator article ‘Woke Medicine

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