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A Glorious Ride

From Jumble Plains to Eternity

A Glorious Ride: From Jumble Plains to Eternity is an inspiring story of rolled up sleeves, practical faith and a resolute determination to give life a go. Tony McLellan grew up on a sheep station mending fences and killing rabbits. It turned out to be the perfect apprenticeship for a business high-flyer who crossed the Atlantic on the Concorde as casually as most people catch a bus. A crisis in his business and family life at the age of 47 taught him the deeper meaning of achievement: The path to a truly successful life begins when you focus on serving others. A Glorious Ride is an antidote for the dismal secularism of our times and a rallying cry against despair. A life that reads like a feature film.


Tony McLellan began his business career at age 15, managing the family sheep station when his father died. Moving to the city to study, he graduated summa cum laude, and then spent half his working life abroad. His responsibilities include the development of a new city in Egypt. Later he served as the president and CEO of a number of major international corporations, transacting business in more than twenty countries. A proven leader, since returning to Australia, Tony has been elected the chairman of a number of listed public mining companies. He was the founder and chairman of Chrysos Corporation Limited, in partnership with the CSIRO. With a passion for the poor, Tony has served as a director of several not-for-profit organisations, both overseas and in Australia. He is now chairman emeritus of Australian Christian Lobby. Married for 60 years, Tony and Rae are the proud parents of three children and grandparents of two princes and six princesses.

Nick Cater is a writer and media commentator on political and cultural affairs. Born and educated in the United Kingdom, he has been a proud Australian citizen for 30 years. He became Executive Director of the Menzies Research Centre in 2014 after a long career as a journalist, foreign correspondent and editor. His book The Lucky Culture was published in 2013. He writes regularly for The Australian, hosts the Watercooler podcast and appears frequently on radio and television.

* How a boy from the Australian bush became the leader of major companies throughout the world, including building a new city near Cairo, found faith in God and committed his life to serving others.
* A memoir that includes key lessons for those interested in what it takes to create a successful business—especially young people—and what it takes to lead.
* Foreword by former prime minister of Australia John Howard OM, AC.
* Themes of business, leadership, hard work, perserverence, faith and family.
* Includes Tony’s reflections as a leader in both the commercial world and the not-for-profit arena over 65 years. It recounts some of his defining experiences and the scores of extraordinary people he has met together with the things they have taught him about leadership.
* Nick Cater hosts the Watercooler podcast and appears frequently on radio and television.
* National coverage in newspapers including extracts in The Australian
* Radio interviews ABC National, 3AW, 89.9 TheLight and Vision Radio o (Christian networks).
* Promotion with the Australian Christian Lobby (180,000 supporterspromotion with the Australian Christian Lobby (180,000 supporters), ), the largest ‘political’ organisation in Australia.
* Conversations with John Anderson podcast and more. 
* 13/09 – City Bible Forum interview, hosted by Peter Kaldor.
* 24/09 – Neil Johnson Vision Radio interview will be for one hour on his 20:20 program at 10.30am -
* 06/10 – John Howard launch at the Menzies Research Centre at 5.30pm - Book launch with John Howard on demand using this link

* 11/10 – Greg Bondar of Family Voice interview with Nick & Tony at 7pm -
* 21/09 – Peter Kaldor City Bible Forum interview with 140 attendee’s

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