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Christianity is Good For Us

Why Faith Matters

Christianity is one of the foundation stones of Western civilisation and liberal democracies and its strengths and benefits far outweigh its sins. In his latest collection, Kevin Donnelly, one of Australia’s leading conservative commentators, looks at how in an increasingly radical, secular society dominated by cancel culture, Judeo-Christianity is attacked and condemned and why now more than ever faith matters and should be fought for. The Bible and Christianity more broadly have been and continue to be a major influence on Australia’s political and legal systems, the arts, literature, music, architecture and the language we speak. Judeo-Christianity also provides a moral and ethical compass deciding right from wrong as well as a spiritual, transcendent sense of our place in the world. In education, health, aged care and social welfare Christianity is also vitally important and beneficial. Christianity is Good for Us is a reminder of why the Christian faith matters to us as individuals and a nation and gives readers a deep knowledge, understanding and appreciation of how Judeo-Christianity underpins and informs our way of life.

Since first warning about the dangers of political correctness during the mid-1990s Kevin has established a reputation as one of Australia’s leading conservative commentators and authors fighting against politically correct group think and language control that are undermining Western societies and stifling free and open debate. Kevin writes regularly for The Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun, The Australian, Australian Spectator, Quadrant, The Catholic Weekly and the London based Conservative Woman. Kevin also appears regularly on Sky News and is often interviewed on 2GB, 5AA and ABC Radio National. He is the author of How Political Correctness is Destroying Australia, How Political Correctness is Destroying Education, and How Political Correctness is Still Destroying Australia, and is the editor or Cancel Culture and the Left’s Long March (2021). 

* A timely book to remind us of why Christian faith matters to us as individuals and as a nation, even more so in these difficult times. 
* This is a thought-provoking collection of recent articles for those concerned about the increasing radical secular nature of Australian society. 
* Readers will gain a deep knowledge, understanding and appreciation of how Judeo-Christianity underpins and informs our way of life and what is best about Western nations like Australia. 
* Targeted at the approximately 52% of Australians who identify as Christians and those concerned about the pervasive influence of cancel culture and radical secularism on the community and our way of life.
* Includes how Judeo-Christianity is central to Western Civilisation including the power of prayer in the modern age, how Christianity is the cornerstone of democratic values, the good work of Christianity and how faith heals; a section on faith-based schools and how Christianity is central to the curriculum, why religion belongs in schools and the threat to Australia’s religious schools; and lastly, how freedom of religion is now under attack including commentary on key moments in recent history including the marriage equality debate, the gender wars and Safe Schools Coalition. 
* Comparable title: God Is Good For You (2018): 21,900 BookScan sales.
* Coverage in mainstream media including TV and radio including 89.9 TheLight and Vision Radio (Christian networks), as well as through the Institute of Public Affairs, the Centre for Independent Studies, Newsweekly, Sky News Australia, Quadrant and Spectator Australia. 
* Promotion with Christian groups including the Australian Family Association and the Australian Christian Lobby (180,000 supporters).
* 07/ 10 – Chris Kenny Sky News tonight
* 06/10 – Daily Telegraph article – attached DTreligiousfreedom. Christianity and religious freedom are hot topics - his piece yesterday in the DT has had over 27,400 hits on Tweet - and counting.  
* 26/10 at 6pm Book Launch with John Anderson & Cardinal George Pell
* John Anderson share invitation to his Twitter 5,792 followers
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