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Christianity Matters

In These Troubled Times

In an increasingly secular, materialistic and individualistic age, the argument is put Judeo-Christianity is of little, if any, significance or relevance. In Western societies like Australia, Judeo-Christianity, for all its sins, underpins and safeguards our political and legal systems and contributes much in areas like health, education, welfare, literature, music and the arts. Christianity Matters is a vital read for anyone interested in religion, Christianity in particular, and who wants to know more about the challenges and threats faced by religion in Australia and Western societies today. Through this collection of essays, readers will gain a better understating of the sins and failures of the Church and how Christianity offers the road to human flourishing and inner peace and spiritual fulfilment.

Since first warning about the dangers of political correctness during the mid-1990s Kevin Donnelly has established a reputation as one of Australia’s leading conservative commentators and authors fighting against politically correct group think and language control that are undermining Western societies and stifling free and open debate.He is the author of How Political Correctness is Destroying Australia, How Political Correctness is Destroying Education, How Political Correctness is Still Destroying Australia, Christianity is Good For Us, and is the editor of Cancel Culture and the Left’s Long March.

* A much needed and timely collection of essays arguing it’s time to reassert the vital importance of Christianity in Australia. This anthology also details the threats and challenges facing Christianity represented by cancel culture, oppressive government legislation and the increasing materialistic and individualistic nature of Western society. * Focuses on the significance and importance of Christianity, current affairs, politics, religion and the challenges and opportunities faced by Christianity and the Church. Essays included cover broad Christianity as well as denominations including the Catholic faith. * A unique anthology bringing together a list of esteemed authors and following the success of the anthology Cancel Culture and the Left’s Long March (2020). Written for a broad, non-academic readership similar to those who read The Australian, The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Spectator, and Quadrant. * For readers interested in religion in modern society and the challenges and threats faced; the sins and failures of the Church and where to from here; the dramatic changes Western societies are undergoing given the impact of cancel culture and the dangers of absolutist secularism; for those who value the significance and importance of Christianity to our institutions and way of life; and what Christianity and the Church need to do to address the sins of the past and current failures and move forward. Publicity: * Coverage in mainstream media including TV (Sky News Australia) and radio, as well as through the Institute of Public Affairs, the Centre for Independent Studies, Newsweekly, Quadrant and Spectator Australia. Promotion through contributors’ social media with supporting articles and coverage through their channels. Publicity will also capitalise on the release date leading into the Easter period.
* 09/05 – Peter Rosengren at the Catholic Weekly has put this online today plugging the launch and the book -
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