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Your Business Shouldn't Need You

How to Start to Replace Yourself in 180 Days
Peter Cox is a very passionate person. He is driven to help people reach their full potential. The phrase 'it can't be done' does NOT exist within Peter's DNA. I first met Peter in 1991 and am proud to call him my friend. His unique style is very special. I often hear the saying to 'walk the talk', well Peter 'walks the talk' - nobody walks the talk like Peter Cox. I have travelled the world and met some of the greatest speakers and so-called gurus to ever live - Peter Cox can hold his head high to be counted amongst some of the best. Greg Owen CEO, GOKO GROUP, host of the Millionaire Book series “I've known Coxey since 2014 when I asked him to challenge me in all areas of my life to grow my leadership and accountability so that I could be the best Head Coach for the South Sydney Rabbitohs. His Leadership Dynamics process provided tremendous value for me and the NRL squad, contributing to South Sydney winning their first Premiership in 43 years, growing people and growing culture. He lives his life through his values and we continue our professional NRL journey together currently with the Wests Tigers NRL Rugby League Club and the New Zealand International Team. Over the last 5 years, our relationship has continued to grow built on great respect, loyalty and trust. Coxey's Leadership principles have also enabled me to change the dynamics of the way I coach in my profession and I highly recommend this book and his Leadership Dynamics process coming into your business model and your people's lives.” Michael Maguire, Head Coach, West Tigers NRL Team, and Head Coach, New Zealand International Rugby League Team “Coxey has a passion and determination to empower others that is rarely seen. His discipline displays a genuine commitment to results. Everything little detail speaks, and Coxey is the prime example of professionalism in all that he is and does. Having spent time in getting to know him, Coxey was the perfect choice as the Leadership Expert on the Tradiematepro platform and provides authentic Leadership value to our Tradiematepro community members. This book aligns perfectly with the Tradiematepro Leadership principles and the journey of our program graduates.” Travis Reading, Founder, Tradiematepro, and Nextpond
* An approachable, easy to understand book that addresses the common challenges business owners face when growing their business with the goal of eventually replacing themselves. What this means is choice. It doesn’t mean selling the business, or not having a role in the business. Every business owner has different needs and different levels of involvement in their business so they can spend more time doing the things they love (such as spending time with their family or developing their other interests). * Peter Cox’s book outlines six key leadership strategies and explains how to avoid getting continually get caught up personally in your business; how to grow leaders around you so that you can delegate responsibility, and so that the business doesn’t rely solely on you as the owner; and how to ultimately achieve the work/life balance you imagined for yourself and your family when you started your business. This is just naming a few of the essential factors involved in stepping back and letting your staff step up. * Peter also discusses some critical behaviours that need to be understood by business owners to accomplish their goals such as the right people for the right roles, trust via transparency, understanding personality strengths, and the three key elements of accountability and respect.
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