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2023-2024 Masters Series GAMSAT Biology Preparation by Gold Standard


You cant get new insights from old editions! Welcome to a comprehensive GAMSAT preparation for GAMSAT Section 3 Biology, fully updated for 2023-2024: Learn, revise and practice followed by helpful, step-by-step worked solutions! The Masters Series by Gold Standard is the ONLY publication that teaches all of the assumed knowledge for GAMSAT Biology; contains hundreds of practice questions, ranging from introductory level to up-to-date GAMSAT level; provides online access to teaching videos, helpful answers and worked solutions; and follows the latest GAMSAT trends including dimensional-analysis, graph-analysis, flow-chart and research chapter-ending practice questions. 

The Teaching: Molecular, cellular and systems Section 3 GAMSAT Biology; 
From the most basic introductory level right up to GAMSAT level;
More content as compared to the 10 pre-pandemic editions with new diagrams, illustrations and hundreds of practice questions in the book.
This new book contains foundational (basic understanding) multiple-choice questions (MCQs), followed by GAMSAT-level MCQs - completely updated to reflect the most current exam trends. Also new and unique: Spoiler Alerts so you can compare your learning to specific, official ACER practice questions; and Chapter Checklists to ensure that you have completed your understanding before moving on to the next chapter.  

Each chapter begins with an updated list of what to commit to memory, what you should understand (your learning objectives) and the % Importance of that chapter based on the number of times content in that chapter would have been helpful to solve specific problems among ACERs officially released 440 Section 3 MCQs. Note that this book comes with answers, helpful worked solutions and free discussion boards for all worked solutions online (free access to the original owner for 1 continuous year; extensions available).

 Its time for the most up-to-date GAMSAT Biology publication which can lead to admissions to graduate-entry medicine or dentistry. Lets get started!

Dr. Ferdinand was awarded numerous scholarships en route to graduating with honours in a BSc programme. After medical school, he wrote several award-winning textbooks. For over 12 years, he has given GAMSAT seminars on campuses across Australia, Ireland and the UK. He is known as a dynamic lecturer who can simplify complex topics.

1. Comprehensive Preparation for GAMSAT Section 3: Biology
2. Molecular, cellular and systems GAMSAT Biology: From the introductory level up to GAMSAT level
3. More content as compared to previous editions with new diagrams, illustrations and practice questions in the book.

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