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2023-2024 Masters Series GAMSAT Section 1 Preparation by Gold Standard


Learn, Revise and Practice with the Newest Edition Reflecting the 2023-2024 GAMSAT Trends:
Complete preparation for Section 1 from basics up to GAMSAT level;
Reading speed and comprehension skill-builder exercises;
Section 1 mini-tests: Poetry, cartoons, graphs & tables, and more;
GAMSAT-specific "question-and-answer" techniques;
All-new Masters Series features including percent importance, Spoiler Alerts, and more!
Learn and apply Gold Standard Strategies to over 1200 practice questions, dozens of mini-tests and an incredible 3 full-length Section 1 practice tests with the new digital-format timing;
Note that the 3 full-length Section 1 tests in the book come with answers, helpful worked solutions and free discussion boards for all worked solutions online (free access to the original owner for 1 continuous year; extensions available).

Dr. Ferdinand was awarded numerous scholarships en route to graduating with honours in a BSc programme. After medical school, he wrote several award-winning textbooks. For over 12 years, he has given GAMSAT seminars on campuses across Australia, Ireland and the UK. He is known as a dynamic lecturer who can simplify complex topics.

1. Complete preparation for Section 1 from basics up to GAMSAT level: Strategies and over 1200 practice questions!
2. Reading speed and comprehension skill-builder exercises;
3. Section 1 mini-tests: poetry, cartoons, graphs & tables, and much more!

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