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15 Full-length GAMSAT Practice Tests, Heaps of GAMSAT Sample Questions:

Real GAMSAT format, Book and Online with Worked Solutions

Unprecedented: 15 full-length GAMSAT practice tests, fully updated for 2023-2024 consistent with the current digital GAMSAT timing, structure, and level of difficulty. Heaps of GAMSAT sample questions: Over 2000 MCQs covering all 3 sections, from poetry to philosophy, from science-based graph analysis to dimensional analysis, from organic chemistry nomenclature to classical geometric reasoning, and the full range that one would expect from a real exam experience. Questions are followed by answers with helpful step-by-step worked solutions online, as well as free forum threads to discuss your questions with the authors. You cant get new insights from old editions!

All 3 GAMSAT sections are covered in one product with the creative skills of a company with more than 12 years providing GAMSAT mock exams on campuses in Australia, the UK and Ireland: Gold Standard GAMSAT. Five GAMSAT practice tests are in the book, and 10 different practice tests are online (accessed with a PIN included in each book). Online access also includes answers and worked solutions for all 15 exams and is continuous for 1 year. Extensions are available. Note that online mock exams HEAPS-11 to HEAPS-15 originate from the best GAMSAT-level practice questions from the Masters Series books by Gold Standard.

How to achieve the GAMSAT score you are aiming for? Practice, practice, practice! Now you have access to heaps of updated GAMSAT sample questions followed by helpful worked solutions online. In fact, often the Section 3 practice questions that you will have access to include worked solutions with free online videos for additional background information. All exam sections have a free forum so that you can clarify any concerns with the authors. Often it is said that: "Practice makes perfect"! From the back cover: "...perfection may not be attainable, but lets chase it and achieve excellence"!

Designed for GAMSAT-level practice with the creative skills of a company with an expertise producing mock exams: Gold Standard GAMSAT
Unprecedented: 15 full-length, updated mock exams, 5 GAMSAT practice papers in the book + 10 different mock exams online with the new 2023-2024 digital GAMSAT format
Structured like the real GAMSAT: all 3 GAMSAT sections, correct number of questions per section, level of difficulty, balance of question types including the recent increased emphasis on graph analysis and stimulus-based reasoning

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