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I can't lose weight! ...and I don't know why

  • ISBN-13: 9781936609383
  • Publisher: DR SANDRA CABOT
    Imprint: DR SANDRA CABOT
  • Author: Cabot, Sandra
  • Price: AUD $24.95
  • Stock: 18 in stock
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  • Local release date: 27/08/2015
  • Format: Paperback (208.00mm X 135.00mm) 352 pages Weight: 400g
  • Categories: Diets & dieting [VFMD]
Award winning author Sandra Cabot MD explains ALL the hidden causes of weight excess and what to do about it. Understanding how to be successful in controlling your weight is like working on a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece interacts with every other, and without an understanding of how they fit together you cannot complete the big picture. One missing piece can be as simple as a deficiency of iodine or a complex hormonal imbalance. Other pieces of the puzzle such as thyroid resistance, food addiction, body inflammation and many other causes of weight gain, are included in this book. Learn what each piece of the puzzle is and what to do about it. This book is written with a never fail, never give up attitude. It provides ongoing help, guidance and resources.
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