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Corona and Other Viruses

What you must know to protect yourself
  • ISBN-13: 9781936609499
  • Publisher: DR SANDRA CABOT
    Imprint: DR SANDRA CABOT
  • Author: Dr Sandra Cabot and Ria Michael
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  • Local release date: 24/09/2020
  • Format: Paperback (178.00mm X 110.00mm) 180 pages Weight: 339g
  • Categories: Health & personal development [V]Family & health [VF]Popular medicine & health [VFD]

There are always dangerous viruses lurking around us and the corona virus called SARS-CoV-2 will not be the last new virus to threaten our way of life. Viruses mutate readily making the development of safe and long-lasting vaccines difficult, and in the case of many viruses, impossible and dangerous. The most lasting and robust protection we can have is a strong immune system so that we can prevent viruses from making us severely ill in the short term or ruining our health in the long term. Learn about: * Stealth viruses, deadly retroviruses, viruses that cause cancer, viruses that cause chronic fatigue and mysterious diseases * A plan for a functionally competent immune system * The critical nutrients to protect you from viruses * Foods and herbs to restore immune strength * Facts and myths surrounding COVID-19 * How to help children with a weak immune system This book discusses the controversy regarding potential mandatory vaccination for COVID-19 and new experimental vaccines that have stimulated polarizing debate, censored documentaries, and peaceful protests. What “they do not tell you about viruses” is found in this book.

* Topical book covering what is happening in the world today. * Tips on how to look after yourself and loved ones. * Learn all about viruses that are just as important. * Facts and myths about COVID-19 explored.

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