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The Trauma of Doctrine

New Calvinism, Religious Abuse, and the Experience of God
  • ISBN-13: 9781978704237
  • Author: Paul Maxwell; Kevin J. Vanhoozer
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  • Local release date: 17/03/2021
  • Format: Hardback (229.00mm X 152.00mm) 436 pages Weight: 760g
  • Categories: Religion: general [HRA]Religious ethics [HRAM1]Calvinist, Reformed & Presbyterian Churches [HRCC93]Psychology [JM]
Table of
New Calvinism and the Victim endeavors into the overlapping areas of psychological trauma and systematic theology by investigating the dynamic interplay between the psychology of holding maximalist theological beliefs and recovery from abuse trauma. Maxwell examines the effect that the Calvinist belief can have upon the traumatized Christian who negatively internalizes its superlative doctrines of divine control and human moral corruption. The project seeks to understand these intersecting realities by investigating a triptych of inquiries: From a theological perspective, can a Christian lose his faith because of a traumatic experience? Moreover, what are the consequences of such a loss? And, how could Reformed theology exacerbate this religious detachment? Ultimately, the research suggests that there are experiential harmonies between the belief in Reformed theology and the experience of trauma, which are neither existentially necessary nor therapeutically negligible-rather, they are conceptually likely based on both philosophical analysis and psychological research.
Part 1: Reformed Theology Chapter 1: Maximalist Conceptions of Divine Control and Human Corruption Chapter 2: The Unique Obstacle of Reformed Theodicy Part 2: Traumatized Faith Chapter 3: The Imagination and Its Operations Chapter 4: Faith and the Imagination Chapter 5: How Trauma Works Chapter 6: Trauma in The Religious Imagination Part 3: Pistic Resilience Chapter 7: Perseverence And Resilience: Introducing Pistic Resilience Chapter 8: Passive Pistic Resilience: Divine Patience with Distrupted Faith Chapter 9: Active Pistic Resilience: Spiritual Fortitude Within Disrupted Faith Part 4: Pistic Recovery Chapter 10: The Traumatized Christian and the Reformed Community Chapter 11: Recovering a Sanctified Notion of Personal Autonomy Chapter 12: Autonomy in Community
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