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Abandoned Italy

  • ISBN-13: 9782361952716
  • Publisher: JONGLEZ
    Imprint: JONGLEZ
  • Author: Brianert, Robin
  • Price: AUD $65.00
  • Stock: 35 in stock
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  • Local release date: 05/03/2019
  • Format: Hardback (100.00mm X 10.00mm) 256 pages Weight: 1740g
  • Categories: Photographs: collections [AJC]Urban communities [JFSG]
An exceptional photographic report of Abandoned Italy. Robin Brinaert has been travelling around Italy for over eight years in search of these abandoned, forbidden places. He highlights the sometimes dramatic fate of our heritage - a serious reflection on safeguarding. Inside Abandoned Italy : Discover the former hunting lodge of the Duchess of Parma, a spectacular abandoned Moorish castle, the remains of film studios with the scenery from a Pinocchio film, a disused psychiatric asylum, a famous but now-forgotten discotheque in a mock medieval castle, the ruins of a renowned spa hotel ravaged by fire ... This series of photo gallery books, allows one to discover our abandoned, endangered and very often forgotten heritage. Each photograph is accompanied by the history of each place, so that the reader can travel through time and learn the story behind each forgotten place.
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