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72 hours

Volume 1
Based out of Hay-on-Wye, a border town between England and Wales, Finn is an award-winning travel, lifestyle and commercial photographer who excels at capturing diverse cultures and environments. Finn is well-known for shooting those large scale "epic" scenes we know and love but also pairing them with intimate details. This collection is drawn from his now famous "72 hrs in..." series of photo essays; the photographer's ongoing diary of his journeys around the world and includes breath-taking destinations such as Iceland, Alberta, the wilds of Northern California, Pacific Northwest, Newfoundland and Labrador and more. Photography is the immortalisation of moments that shape lives and alter the Earth and few capture this better than Finn Beales, and it is hard not to be drawn into his images - you can almost taste the salt in the crashing waves, feel the strength of the katabatic squall and sense the danger that comes with being so far off-the-beaten-track.
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