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The Lot

  • ISBN-13: 9789551723330
  • Publisher: PERERA HUSSEIN
  • Author: Bunny, Sam
  • Price: AUD $18.00
  • Stock: 282 in stock
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  • Local release date: 15/01/2016
  • Format: Paperback (198.00mm X 130.00mm) 200 pages Weight: 200g
  • Categories: Historical fiction [FV]Australia [1MBF]
The Lot, an abandoned gold mine on the outskirts of Melbourne, plays host to a multiplicity of communities with diverse political histories. Here, the desperate, the weak, and the frustrated are incarcerated and subjugated in a nation they presumed was welcoming and bountiful. In this loveless land a lonely Sri Lankan man and a scarred South Sudanese woman find themselves intertwined in a complex relationship of love, amidst harsh realities, while a family on the outside do what they can to turn things around. In his second book Sam Bunny bravely engages with the problems of asylum-seekers in Australia and compels readers to empathize wholeheartedly with their othered existence. Could the plight of the inhabitants of The Lot be fictitious after all?
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