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Marine Life of the Galapagos 2/e

Diver's Guide to the Fish, Whales, Dolphins and Marine Invertebrates
On December 2, 2001, the Galapagos Marine Reserve became a World Heritage site. Few people are more intimately connected with the Galapagos' aquatic life than Pierre Constant, author of the best-selling "Galapagos: A Natural History Guide", also from Odyssey Books. Constant now offers us "Marine Life of the Galapagos", a definitive guide that introduces many new species of never-before-seen marine life. This book is geared primarily to divers, an extremely fast-growing market in the archipelago. In 2000, the Galapagos was voted best dive destination overall in the Indo-Pacific by the US- based Magazine "Divers Trust/Rodale's Scuba Diving". This destination is also renowned for having the best fish life, healthiest marine environment, best big animal dives and best advanced diving categories.
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