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Since the publication in 1939 of Frank Lloyd Wright’s An Organic Architecture, Lund Humphries has been a leading publisher of illustrated art books. With our roots in British Modernism, our list today encompasses books for art specialists, professionals and enthusiasts across all periods and genres. We value high-quality design and reproduction, serious but accessible writing, and unique collections of reference material.

An additional recent stream of publishing on art business and art markets is aimed at art professionals, students and collectors and introduces readers at all levels to the workings of the art world. As a pioneer of museum co-publications in the 1980s, Lund Humphries still regularly collaborates with major museums and galleries around the world. We also regularly work in partnership with artists, estates, foundations and galleries to publish illustrated monographs and complete catalogues of modern and contemporary artists.

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Katharina Grosse Gregory Volk

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Architecture through Drawing Helen Thomas et al

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AUD $128.00

Liu Xiaodong John Yau

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Alan Davie and David Hockney: Eleanor Clayton et al

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AUD $63.99

Data Cities: Davina Jackson

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Art of Richard Eurich Andrew Lambirth

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Radical Women: Alicia Foster

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