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Self-Counsel Press

Self-Counsel Press

Self-Counsel Press is the premier source for self-help law books and books for small business! We are proud to have been the pioneer publisher of self-help law titles in North America when we launched our first Divorce Guide in 1971.

Our books and forms kits are designed to help you help yourself, whether you are writing a will, completing an uncontested divorce, starting a new business, managing an existing business, or dealing with tax and financial issues.

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Dementia in the Family: Lee Cardwell

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AUD $32.99

Faster, Cheaper, Better: Jack Borden

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AUD $27.99

Media Whore: Daniel Shehori et al

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AUD $32.99

Aging Safely In Your Home Yvonne Poulin et al

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AUD $27.99

Greening Your Community: Jill Doucette et al

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AUD $22.99

Finances After 55: Sylvia Lim

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AUD $22.99

GiveBack Economy: Dr Peter Miller et al

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AUD $32.99
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