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Disrupting Colonial Pedagogies

Theories and Transgressions
Table of
The impact of conquest and colonialism on identity and the construction of knowledge Jillian Ford and Nathalia E. Jaramillo edit a collection of writings by women that examine womanist worldviews in philosophy, theory, curriculum, public health, and education. Drawing on thinkers like bell hooks and Cynthia Dillard, the essayists challenge the colonizing hegemonies that raise and sustain patriarchal and male-centered systems of teaching and learning. Part One examines how womanist theorizing and creative activity offer a space to study the impact of conquest and colonization on the Black female body and spirit. In Part Two, the contributors look at ways of using text, philosophy, and research methodologies to challenge colonizing and colonial definitions of womanhood, enlightenment, and well-being. The essays in Part Three undo the colonial pedagogical project and share the insights they have gained by freeing themselves from its chokehold. Powerful and interdisciplinary, Disrupting Colonial Pedagogies challenges colonialism and its influence on education to advance freer and more just forms of knowledge making. Contributors: Silvia Garcia Aguilar, Khalilah Ali, Angela Malone Cartwright, Adriana Diego, LeConte Dill, Sameena Eidoo, Genevieve Flores-Haro, Jillian Ford, Leena Her, Nathalia E. Jaramillo, Patricia Kruger-Henley, Claudia Lozano, Liliana Manriquez, Alberta Salazar, Leon Salazar, and Lorri Santamaria
Jillian Ford is an associate professor of social studies education at Kennesaw State University. Nathalia E. Jaramillo is a professor of interdisciplinary studies at Kennesaw State University. She is the author of Immigration and the Challenge of Education: A Social Drama Analysis in South Central Los Angeles.
Foreword-AnaLouise Keating Acknowledgments Introduction-Nathalia E. Jaramillo and Jillian Ford Part I: Disembodying Coloniality 1 Vivisection: Decolonizing Media's Hidden Curriculum of Black Female Subjectivity through a Mash-Up of Visual Arts and Performance-Khalilah Ali 2 Breath, Spirit, and Energy Transmutation: Womanist Praxes to Counter Coloniality -Jillian Ford Part II: Transforming Interventions 3 Discursive Colonialism of Hmong Women in Western Texts: Education, Representation, and Subjectivity-Leena N. Her 4 A Spiritual Infusion: An Anti-Colonial Feminist Approach to Academic Healing and Transformative Education-Angela Malone Cartwright 5 Healing the Soul-Curando el Alma-Na Sanna'e Ini'e Collective: A Feminist BIPOC Migrant Mixtec Serving Leadership and Research Initiative-Lorri J. Santamaria, Adriana Diego, Genevieve Flores-Haro, Silvia Garcia Aguilar, Luisa Leon Salazar, Claudia Lozano, Liliana Manriquez, and Alberta Salazar Part III: Undoing Command 6 #CrunkPublicHealth: Decolonial Feminist Praxes of Cultivating Liberatory and Transdisciplinary Learning, Research, and Action Spaces-LeConte J. Dill 7 Activating Space and Spirit: Meditations on Spiritually Sustaining Pedagogies-Sameena Eidoo 8 Dear Doctoral Student of Color: Academic Advising as Anti-Colonial Womanist Pedagogy and Theory-Patricia Krueger-Henney Contributors Index
"Inspired by bell hooks' engaged and transgressive pedagogical discourses, this compelling, informative, 'disruptive' anthology captures the powerful reflections of feminist/womanist women of color as they interrogate toxic practices of the white academy in the South. The essays, which cover a rich variety of topics, are candid, brilliant, sobering, informative and inspirational. A must read for strategies to transform higher education during challenging times."--Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Spelman College
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