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My Frist Picture Book - Australian Animals


Are you looking for a fun and effective way to promote your child’s early learning and language development? Look no further than "My First Picture Book"! This powerful educational tool features colourful illustrations of relatable Australian animals and engaging text that encourages children to sound out words and improve their reading skills.

With "My First Picture Book," your child will be introduced to phonemic awareness, an essential skill for future reading success. Plus, the fun and relatable images will keep your little one engaged and eager to learn.

My First Picture Book is a creative and colourful childrens picture book that draws inspiration from the rich tradition of Aboriginal art.

This book has been built with artificial and human intelligence. 

We are two firiends who have come together to create a unique and meaningful project. Our names are Matt and Elham, and we have co-authored a childrens picture book. Our inspiration for this project came from our shared passion for storytelling and our desire to share the richness and beauty of Aboriginal culture with young readers. One of us, Matt, is Aboriginal, and we have drawn from his personal experiences and knowledge to create a book that is authentic and representative of Aboriginal traditions and values.Our book is an educational picture book of Australian animals that connects with cultural roots and artistry. As brothers, we have collaborated closely to bring this project to life. Matt has contributed his expertise and insights into Aboriginal culture, while Elham has used his skills in writing, project management and use of artificial and human intelligence to create an engaging and visually stunning book that will captivate children.We believe that our book will not only be a fun and educational resource for children, but also a platform for promoting cultural understanding and awareness. Our hope is that this book will inspire children to appreciate and respect the diversity of Aboriginal cultures and peoples.Thank you for visiting our page and for your interest in our project. We are excited to share our book with you and look forward to hearing your feedback.

* Engaging Aboriginal-inspired Art: "My First Picture Book" stands out with its captivating illustrations, drawing inspiration from the rich tradition of Aboriginal art. Each page comes alive with vibrant colors and relatable Australian animals, creating an immersive and culturally enriching experience for young readers.
* Promotes Early Literacy: Designed as a powerful educational tool, this book goes beyond just entertaining. It introduces phonemic awareness, a crucial skill for future reading success. Children will delight in sounding out words and improving their reading abilities while having fun with the delightful animals and engaging text.
* Culturally Inclusive Content: "My First Picture Book" celebrates diversity and inclusivity by incorporating elements of Aboriginal art and culture. It not only introduces children to adorable Australian animals but also fosters an appreciation for the rich heritage and traditions of Indigenous communities. This culturally inclusive content provides a unique opportunity for young readers to learn about different cultures and promotes a sense of respect and understanding from an early age.
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* Well received in childcare centres as well as a few primary schools where we have done cultural engagement and cultural experience sessions as part of the schools incursions. 
* Have also sold many copies during NAIDOC week. 

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