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    Hellenic Kanella

    Memories Made in a Greek Kitchen
    • ISBN-13: 9780646952628
    • Author: Bardis, Ruth
    • Price: AUD 40.00
    • Stock: 53 in stock
    • Availability: Order will be despatched as soon as possible.
    • Local release date: 08/01/2019
    • Format: Hardback (257mm X 210mm) 260 pages Weight: 1380g
    • Categories: General cookery & recipes [WBA]

    Ruth’s parents immigrated to Australia from Greece seeking a better life. A Greek at heart, Ruth desired to preserve her heritage by sharing her family’s stories and regional specialties of cuisine. Come along this delicious journey through the Peloponnese, Kephalonia, Elefsina and Northern Greece and enjoy Ruth’s beautiful photographs of her beloved Greece. A well-stocked pantry ensures the reader is acquainted with Greek produce and the nutritional benefits of Mediterranean eating. Her recipe chapters are divided into four parts: ‘Whetting the appetite’, ‘the saucepan and the pan’, ‘baked foods’ and ‘sweet endings’; easy to follow techniques and foods which have been tried and tested. With over 80 recipes (half of which are gluten-free) Ruth has cooked, styled and captured a modern yet nostalgic depiction of her life. Family linens, pictures and serving pieces decorate the pages of this book. She has used the abundance of olive oil and spices to achieve authenticity in both main meals and desserts. From a plethora of authentic recipes inclusive of pastry making, pies, feta flat breads, pickled octopus, rabbit stew, yoghurt making, orange and pork sausages, fennel seed bread, vegetarian moussaka, stuffed tomatoes, okra with lamb, lima beans, cumin meat patties, squid with orzo this book will have you salivating. Not to mention the array of desserts such as pumpkin pie, orange apricot semolina pudding, Easter bread, ouzo cookies, olive oil cake with orange blossom syrup, prune stuffed honey soaked biscuits, mouth-watering sesame salted pistachio rose water baklava, honey donuts, milk pie, spoon sweets and Greek coffee! Segments of narrative are intertwined with recipes, all from a Greek heart!

    I was born in Australia to Greek parents. Passionate about traditional Greek cuisine, I set off to learn extensively about my heritage, travelling countless times to Greece and revisiting my origins.   My strong ethnic heritage and love of nourishing food facilitated my switch from fashion designing to cooking, photography, and writing.  With the addition of these skills I was inspired to write, photograph and document stories around the family table.  Greek food, from a Greek heart!

    What Is in a Title?

    Introducing the Nikokiroula


    New Food Knowledge with My New Name

    Merging My Story

    The Greek Cuisine

    My Greek Pantry

    Kitchen Conversions and Recipe Notes

    Chapter 1             Whetting the Appetite 

    Chapter 2             The Saucepan and the Pan

    Chapter 3             Baked Foods     

    Chapter 4             Sweet Endings                  



    1. Internationally awarded book. Have won 3 Gourmand Awards:
    • Best Mediterranean Cookbook Award, Australia 2016
    • Best Foreign-International Cookbook Award, Australia 2016
    • Best in the WORLD Mediterranean Cookbook Award, May 2017


    1. Proven that it sells through previous distributor Dennis Jones, who sold 300 books in less than 6 months
    2. Its uniqueness – being both a coffee table book for its stunning photos and an authentic cookbook.  I travelled to Greece to capture in pictures the essence of Greece and food styled all the photos using family heirlooms.  I have intertwined stories with my recipes to capture nostalgia
    3. Social media presence-

    5. FB: Greek Food Photography (14.5 K followers)
    6. INSTAGRAM: Greekfoodphotography
    7. where you can see inside the book for a more visual feel.
    8. Greek festivals
    9. Cooking classes
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