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    Surfing Roadies

    Forward and contribution from Mark Richards

    Since surfing began in Australia there has been an ongoing search for the perfect location, an endless search that began the tradition of “The Roadie”. Surfing Roadies is a collection of funny, ridiculous, but all-to-true stories of what can (and did!) happen when we hit the road in search of that perfect wave. Whether it was Bryon, or Crescent, Margaret River or Bali, the stories in here will have you laughing, reminiscing, and maybe, just maybe, get you thinking about putting a board on the roof, calling a mate and doing one more... for the road.

    Chris has been surfing for most of his life, he has been the National Chair of the Surfrider Foundation (current President of the Hunter Branch), and has had a long involvement with Coastcare as a facilitator and program manager. He was a founding member of Coastalwatch, National Surfing Reserves, Take 3 and the Australian Coastal Society.

    Chris was a contributor to the books “The Atlas of World Surfing,” and “Newcastle – A City by the Sea,” and is a regular writer with Tracks and Surfing World magazines. 

    John had an early association with surfing, being a clubbie/part time surfer back in the early 70’s, when there was a bitter feud between the two groups due to the clubbies confiscating the boards when they entered the flagged area as the leg rope had not been invented as yet. Working inland for the next 30 years meant there was no surfing until he decided to take it up again at the ripe old age of 54. After trying a longboard for a while, Jaydub “graduated” (JW’s words) to becoming a kneelo due to being unable to jump to his feet quickly enough. He freely admits to being the oldest grommet at Nobbys, knows that he is hopeless at duck diving and can’t even sit astride his board, but is one of the keenest members of the Nobbys Dawn Patrol most mornings.

     He recognised after talking to many long-time surfers that unless their road trip stories were collected and recorded, that this important part of surfing folklore and history would be lost in the mists of time and other substances.

    Ideal Xmas gift and perfect beach reading title! Can capture Aussie "Barbarian Days" readers.

    These stories or memories give an insight into the innovative years and infancy of surfing.

    Every time you talk to a surfer who grew up in this era, there is always a story

    Each compelling tale has been chosen to stoke the fire of armchair surfers

    - Proceeds supporting SurfAid International and National Surfing Reserves
    - Forward and contribution from Mark Richards (3 X World Surfing Champion)

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