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    My Incredible Netball Journal


    A journal that goes beyond drills and skills and encourages sporting etiquette, building confidence, health and wellbeing, communication and leadership. This book is a must have for anyone that loves netball. We are all about getting kids off their screens and documenting their experiences! 

    Eliza McCann - Eliza combines her passion for books, travel and sport with her journal range. The author and publisher of the best-selling books “My Awesome Bali Adventure” and “My Awesome Sydney Adventure“, she also co-authored the children’s picture book “Little Piggy’s Got No Moves”. When she is not dreaming of new locations for her awesome adventure book series, she can be found courtside, cheering on her daughters Ruby and Ella, both netball fanatics. Sue Cox - Sue has always loved sports.A Recreation Specialist by profession, she has helped clients with acquired brain injury realise their dreams of returning to exercise.As a player herself , she competed in Rugby Union at a State level, ran a half-marathon and has played many seasons of women’s tennis.She has coached Viva 7s, flag footie and lunchtime school programs.But it is netball that is Sue’s greatest passion, both as a player, and a coach, usually of teams that include at least one of her daughters, Maisy and Alice.

    1. There is nothing like  this journal on the market anywhre in the world
    2. Netball has the highest participation rate of any sport in Australia. Netball is a huge market
    3. The book gets kids off their screens, encourages healthy and positive behaviour and provides a long lasting memento of their sporting achievements. 

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