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Truth In Beauty 2/e

The Ultimate Resource for Holistic Beauty
  • ISBN-13: 9780648225003
  • Publisher: MUKTI ORGANICS
  • By Mukti
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  • Local release date: 03/06/2024
  • Format: Hardback (254.00mm X 203.00mm) 408 pages Weight: 1400g
  • Categories: Cosmetics, hair & beauty [WJH]

"Have you ever stopped to wonder about whats in your skincare products? Have you perhaps picked up a label and read it, but not understood any of the ingredients? If youve done either of these things, then youre obviously concerned; and so you should be. Ive created a book, to help you navigate whats in the personal care products that youre using and are exposed to on a daily basis, so that you can understand and learn how to read a label, and avoid products containing chemicals that could be harmful to you and toxic to the environment. The book hinges on an A-Z Blacklist which cites the most commonly used ingredients that are incorporated in a large array of personal care and makeup products. There is a dossier of evidence based research and supporting documents with findings in relation to these ingredients. While this is intially confronting, once youre armed with knowledge, you can make informed decisions to reduce your overall toxic burden. Being informed is knowledge; and knowledge is power. It allows you to leverage yourself. It’s not about acting out of fear and panic, but rather a process of elimination to protect yourself and make informed choices. This approach can help you gradually transition to a skincare and personal care routine that aligns with your health and wellbeing goals." As the founder & formulator of Australian beauty brand Mukti Organics, Mukti has been an active leader within the wellness industry for over three decades. A true pioneer of green chemistry, she draws on her background in complementary medicine and beauty therapy to offer comprehensive insider knowledge on the importance of prioritising your health and detoxing your skincare routine. * Compelling facts that lift the lid on the dark secrets of the beauty industry and expose the harmful ingredients found in everyday skincare, cosmetics, and personal care products. * A comprehensive A-Z blacklist of the worst offending ingredients you should avoid - and why. * A guide to deciphering labels and verifying marketing and product claims. * Healthy, nourishing alternatives that will have you glowing, inside and out. * A breakdown of different skin types and how to nurture your skin naturally, at any age. * The ultimate beauty upgrades that don’t cost a cent – or the earth.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the beauty industry, Mukti stands as a luminary, the creative force behind her eponymous skincare brand, Mukti Organics. With an unwavering commitment to harnessing the power of nature for optimal skin health, Mukti has paved the way for the organic beauty movement. Mukti launched her award-winning skincare brand Mukti Organics in 2000, after identifying a gap in the market for organic products that are both results-driven and backed by science. At the time, skincare brands were firmly defined by the category they sat in; meaning they were either ‘natural’ but did not have the efficacy of cosmeceuticals, or they were ‘cosmeceuticals’ but laden with toxic chemicals. As a beauty therapist with a background in complementary medicine, Mukti was looking for a professional Australian skincare brand that she could recommend to her clients that blended the benefits of both categories – kind to the skin and the planet, and scientifically formulated to make visible changes to the skin’s appearance. Frustrated by the lack of options, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own range. She began formulating and mastering the art of creating dynamic, organic and natural beauty concoctions. Her journey includes formal education in Cosmetic Chemistry and hands-on experience in the realms of herbalism, organic chemistry, and skincare formulating. This amalgamation of education and experiential learning became the cornerstone of Mukti Organics’ unique approach to skincare. The name Mukti (/MOOKH tee/) is derived from ancient Sanskrit. The concept can be found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism and refers to spiritual liberation from fears, ignorance, and false knowledge. An extension of her fierce independent spirit, Mukti initiated herself with this name in her early 20’s after the birth of her first born whilst opting out of city life to study, immerse herself in nature and raise her first child. Twenty-four years later, the eponymous brand has continued to have many rebirths. The foundation of the products and its philosophy “Inspired by Nature” ™, are firmly established in the organic marketplace. Muktis dedication to sustainability is evident in every aspect of her brand. From ethically sourcing raw ingredients to utilising eco-friendly packaging, she has woven a tapestry of environmental responsibility into the fabric of Mukti Organics. This commitment has not only resonated with conscientious consumers but has also set a standard for the industry at large. Today, Mukti Organics’ award-winning brand and formulations are sold online at, stocked in both domestic and international retailers, and used in professional treatments at world-class salons and spas. Beyond her role as a businesswoman, Mukti is an advocate for education and transparency within the beauty industry. Through workshops, webinars, and collaborations with like-minded organisations, she empowers individuals to make informed choices about their beauty routines. Mukti is also an avid writer and researcher, with her best-selling book “Truth In Beauty”, second edition set to be released later this year.

* Truth in Beauty is an unbiased, factual look at the state of the beauty industry. It is not funded by any large corporation, nor sponsored by advertisers. It was made purely for the benefit of the consumer - to expose the toxic chemicals contained in everyday beauty products being sold to the everyday consumer under the guise of clever & misleading marketing. * Truth in Beauty is heavily referenced with evidenced based research & clinical studies. The book makes shocking, yet factual statements in the name of raising awareness around the harmful, long term effects of common toxins found in almost all everyday beauty products. * The book contains a concise A-Z Blacklist of the worst offending ingredients consumers should avoid - and why. It breaks this down into laymans terms, including what products they are commonly found in & available alternatives. * The book offers supportive guidance with practical, easy-to-adapt tips for readers to being to incorporate alternative more healthy practices into their lifestyle. * In the name of awareness & to benefit the consumer, the book also provides a guide to decipering labels and marketing claims to empower them to uncover the truth behind labels. * In addition to the hard-hitting, factual information, the book also gives insider beauty tips & checklists on how to care for & nurture your skin at any age. Publicity: * PR press release + mailer send out to beauty editors & journalists. * Launch event with Shelley Craft in Byron Bay at Mukti Organics HQ * Promotion to Mukti Organics email database & social media audience * Live Truth in Beauty Masterclass, hosted at Mukti Organics HQ * Promotion via Mukti Organics webpage- Promotion at One Fine Secret Melbourne Founder Event, feturing Mukti * Reading event at The Book Room in Byron Bay * Presentation at the Byron Writers Festival in August 2024 * Previous editon sold out

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