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    The 8 rules of mastering the game of building wealth
    • ISBN-13: 9780648238720
    • Publisher/Imprint: MAJOR STREET PUBLISH
    • Author: Wemyss, Stuart
    • Price: AUD 29.95
    • Stock: 308 in stock
    • Availability: Order will be despatched as soon as possible.
    • Local release date: 05/04/2018
    • Format: Paperback (208mm X 138mm) 192 pages Weight: 240g
    • Categories: Personal finance [VSB]

    The golden rules contained in this book have been formulated and refined over two decades of practice, observation and experience. They are not just theory. They are tested and have been proven to work.  Follow Stuart Wemyss 8 fundamentally sound, easy-to-understand golden rules. They work – it’s that simple!  Mapping out a financial plan so that you can have a safe and secure retirement is a lot easier than you might think. Understanding and applying the golden rules in Investopoly will help you work out what you should do next (investment wise), and theres  virtually no chance of making a mistake. Very few investment mistakes occur because of random bad luck. Virtually all investment mistakes are predictable. Mistakes are caused by doing something fundamentally wrong.  These golden rules will filter out mistakes before they occur.  There are case studies and pactical advice that make this an extremely readable, informative book.

    Melbourne-based financial adviser, Stuart Wemyss, has over 20 years’ financial services experience. He possesses the rare skill of being able to make financial planning interesting! He is passionate about giving sound, easy to understand information and encouragement to readers and clients to start thinking about, planning,saving and investing for a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. Stuart is a Chartered Accountant and is licensed to provide credit, tax, insurance and financial advice. This is Stuarts third book. He is also the author of The Property Puzzle and the Smart Borrowers Handbook.

    * An easy to understand book about money management and saving for your retirement  **The success of The Barefoot Investor proves there is an appetite for books about investing **The author is apopoular finance commentator who write in plain English, making money management sound easy 

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