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    Creating a Customer Service Mindset

    Scammell, Jaquie
    Creating a customer service mindset is a book in three parts. It starts by looking at some of the best Australian businesses and their leaders with a customer service mindset. These organisations may not get as much street cred or exposure as Google, Amazon or Facebook, but they are leading the way when it comes to delivering superior customer service in the world. Next it looks at the future of work and the importance customer service and conscious leadership will have on the success of your organisation. The final part reveals the how you can instil a customer service mindset throughout your organisation by teaching them how to adopt a continuum of behaviours. The catch is that you, as a leader, have to adopt these behaviours, which will impact your employees’ performance, which in turn, impacts your customer interactions and loyalty, and then enhances your whole organisation.
    Jaquie Scammell has spent most of her career living at the intersection of employee and customer, observing how the two relate. Starting out in the workforce at McDonald’s when she was 16, she is now as a sought-after speaker, facilitator and coach working with some of the largest global workforces in retail, banking and hospitality, as well as major airports, stadiums and events – from Wembley Stadium in the UK to the Australian Open Grand Slam in Melbourne. Jaquie has managed and advised workforces of all sizes, from small teams to staff of more than 9,500, interacting with millions of fans on a daily basis. Jaquie is based in Melbourne.
    • A winning customer mindset is crucial to business success and it can be learned • Australian case studies show local leaders how it can be done • Customer service will give your business the edge – this book gives you the tools to achieve this.
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