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    The Power of Real Confidence

    Learn how to lead to your full potential
    Everyone, from those starting out in their first real jobs to experienced leaders in the senior ranks of organisations, have moments — days, months, years, even — when they question their ability to face challenges. When their confidence feels threatened. No one is immune to bouts of insecurity at work – but this doesn’t have to hold you back. With consistent effort, and the courage to take a risk, you can gradually expand your confidence, and with it, your capacity to build more of it. This book will show you how. There are many aspects to developing confidence. And to really develop your confidence from the inside out there are four key aspects: 1. Show Up as the real you and the best version of you as a leader. 2. Stand Up for yourself, your team, your values and your point of view. 3. Speak Up and have a voice and be able to influence. 4. Step Up your performance, your impact and ultimately how you exercise leadership. It’s not enough just to feel confident. You have to do the work. This book will provide the linkages to why confidence is critical to leadership success at both the individual and team level and give practical ways to build confidence in an authentic way for sustainable success.
    Michelle Sales is a highly sought-after speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach, she has helped thousands of senior leaders and their teams, learn to show up as the best version of themselves, to build confidence, influence and maximise their leadership and performance. Michelle worked for 28 years in corporate roles, many of those being senior and executive leadership roles in financial services, before establishing her own leadership business in 2012. She understands the real challenges and opportunities that leaders in business face every day. Stepping up with real confidence takes work to build and, more importantly, to sustain. So, the systems and processes that she uses are based on real life and are things she practises regularly herself. Michelle loves learning and is constantly seeking to improve her own knowledge, capability and edge in order to add value to her clients. She is currently studying Positive Psychology, and is a past graduate from the Harvard Kennedy School, Executive Education in The Art and Practice of Leadership Development, as well as Women and Power – Leadership in a New World. In 2016, she was nominated for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards. Based in Melbourne, she consults all around Australia.
    • A practical guide if you are newly-promoted or want to be promoted in your career. • Real confidence is an essential soft skill that can be learned – with the right instruction. • In today’s competitive workforce, learning how to be confident is critical.
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