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    How To Legally Reduce Your Tax

    without losing any money!
    How To Legally Reduce Your Tax: Without Losing Any Money is a must-read for business owners and investors. This book will teach you how to use company structures to protect your assets and minimise your taxes – just like how the rich people do it! The co-founder of one of the top tax accounting firms in Australia, Ed Chan of Chan & Naylor, has simplified and summarised everything you need to know about tax legislation in an easy yet comprehensive guide. This 2018 revised edition contains advice that will help you to keep more of your hard-earned money. Here are just some of the topics that this best-selling book covers: * The difference between a company structure and a trust * The different types of trusts and how to use them * Why you should rarely buy an investment in your own name * How to protect your assets from lawsuits, taxes, and creditors * How you can pass your wealth on to your children and have it protected for generations * How to protect your business assets * Why tax is a game which can be played by everyone, not just the rich * Frequently asked questions
    * This book has sold over 288,000 copies in the past four years. Combined with Ed’s other books, he has sold over 432,000 since 2011. * How to Legally Reduce Your Tax Without Losing Any Money has been on a number of bestseller lists in the country such as Borders as well as his other bestseller, How to Achieve Wealth for Life Through Property Investing. * Chan & Naylor has over 17,000 email subscribers and we continuously advertise their books via our monthly newsletter. * Chan & Naylor books are also heavily promoted to our 5,500+ followers on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin).

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