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Rosie-May Blue: Mayhem at the Pet Show

Rosie-May Blue and her family have just moved to the township of Waterfall Way. When Rosie-May’s pony, Carrie, goes missing, Rosie-May fears for the worst. Her newfound friend Ellie is a comfort at her new school and together, they share a love of horse-riding. However, will their friendship survive the secret that Rosie-May uncovers? Will the secret spoil Rosie-May’s chance at winning a prize at the Waterfall Way Pet Show? Saddle up and join Rosie-May and Ellie for their first adventure together at Waterfall Way.
Author: P.E. Woods has always loved to read and is extremely excited to be releasing her first book, Rosie-May Blue: Mayhem at the Pet Show. Being a teacher has allowed P.E. Woods to share her love of literature with children, particularly stories of self-resilience, animals and those with a dash of mystery! In her spare time, P.E. Woods continues to read and she particularly enjoys mystery novels. She lives on a farm and loves to spend time with her dogs, cat, horse, guinea pig, sheep, cattle… and of course, her patient husband and two gorgeous girls! You can find her on Instagram and Facebook @rosiemayblue. Illustrator: Pene Chadwick is a Graphic Designer who has worked in the design and print industry for over 20 years. After working in studios and printers in Sydney and London, Pene returned home in 2014 to live on the family property where she experiences the best of both worlds of living a rural lifestyle with her Irish husband and her beloved kelpie, helping out on the family farm and running her little studio, Pencil Pop Creative Graphic Design, in Running Stream, NSW. After working for a variety of clients in London, she rediscovered her passion for watercolour when a client asked for their new brand to incorporate a loose watercolour element. This ignited her passion and obsession with all things watercolour, putting paint to paper rather using a computer, sparked a new creative direction for her and has developed her own little quirky loose watercolour style which she uses in design projects for clients, product illustrations, bespoke wedding stationery suites and commissioned pet portraits. When her little sister P.E. Woods asked her to illustrate her book, Rosie-May Blue, it was not only an honour to work with her sister and help bring her story to life, but most definitely a dream project for her.
* Beautiful watercolour illustrations that bring a whimsical tone to the story. * Rosie-May Blue embraces her uniqueness and she doesn’t let her quirk stop her from being brave, having adventures and being the best friend she can be. * Key themes include animals, mystery, adventure and friendship.

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